Monday, November 03, 2008

The Hindu's Take on the US Presidential Election

Today's editorial made a salient point with particular reference to the potential victory of Barack Obama in tomorrow's US Presidential election: the failure of affirmative action policies directed at ensuring inclusiveness of minorities in relatively more liberal and leftist European countries in contrast to the more limited, libertarian approach of the right-leaning United States. And yet, most political ideas that The Hindu continues to favor are policies based on European simulacra, particularly the rigidly secular French model. If the paper is so acutely aware of the failure of these policies, why then does it insist upon trying the same in our country?

K.V.Prasad compares our very own Mayawati to Barack Obama. Apart from the fact that they both hail from backward communities in their respective countries, there is very little that is common to both of them. Obama understands issues well and has chalked out proposals to deal with many of them. In contrast, Mayawati, though a powerful populist, has been running the UP government whimsically making decisions that are anything but reasoned and devoting considerable effort to deifying herself. Despite her failure as an administrator and a leader, the Left's fascination for her seems to be growing by the day and so is The Hindu's. What exactly does she have to offer to anyone apart from more quotas for everyone and ban orders against anyone displeasing her base? It seems that she is perhaps more akin to Sarah Palin - quite popular amongst her base but so whimsical as to be pretty much a blank slate in every other respect with very weak ideas of her own. Which is why the CPI(M) is willing to work with her. She is the ideal candidate who can provide the party with a face, the perfect mask behind which its dangerous and diabolical agendas can be put into practice without eliciting much of a reaction from the rest of the political crowd.

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reason said...

There is no need to compare Mayawati with Obama.

Indian politics has been dominated by OBC feudal politics for the last 20+ years (longer in the south). Nobody, including the english media, had the guts to call the OBC feudal politics for what it is - instead they addressed clowns and crooks like lalu, gowda, mulayam and karuna as 'progressives', 'social justice champions', and 'secularists'. Without exception, each of these feudal lords ran politics the way it was in the feudal setup, entrenching their families, and also appropriating for themselves the 'backwardness' title.

Maya blasted that political game away. That way, she may have 'changed' indian politics in a very real way. ofcourse, in the process she may have also decimated congress. Collateral damage, but that may make some people sad.