Friday, November 28, 2008

Post-terror editorial

In a rare departure from tradition, N.Ram shares the grief of the victims of the terrorist attack. I have shown repeatedly in the past how the post-terror editorial followed a similar pattern. N.Ram justified Islamic jihad through the standard phrases:
- discimination against minorities
- babri masjid demolition (this one never ends)
- hindu intolerance
- rss/bjp (any and everything wrong in india can be traced to this)
- pakistan's good intentions
- congress' good governance

The editorial never had any valid recommendation to counter terrorism. How can N.Ram come up with anything valuable when his analysis(sic) is rigidly biased. In this editorial too, he says more policemen and intelligence would do. Empowering them is not an option and no more tough measures required. How can you take this guy seriously?

This terror attack has destroyed the "mumbai resilience". Now the anger is palpable. What incident will trigger a smilar change in N.Ram? Afterall, a "secular" tag and a fully loaded gun could not help Karkare save his own life. And N.Ram is no more immune than him.

Just as the political establishment failed to inspire confidence, the media outlets have failed to trigger any intelligent debate on the issue of tackling terror. I was watching the coverage on NDTV today. It was about joining and not breaking up the nation. The discussion about improving relations with Pakistan never seemed to end. Friendly ties with Pakistan took precedence over terrorism. N.Ram toed a similar line in the past too. I would blame the media as much as the political class for misleading the public.

Some foriegn media outlet has written about the elephant in the drawing room. Very soon, you may expect the Indian media to follow suit. But Chindu will be very frugal with the truth. I doubt if it will even make it to the print edition. So I am posting the excerpts here:

"When faced with fundamentalist demands, India's democratically elected leaders have regularly preferred caving to confrontation on a point of principle. The country's institutions and culture have abetted a widespread sense of Muslim separateness from the national mainstream," the Wall Street Journal said in a stinging commentary.

"The country's anti-terrorism effort is reactive and episodic rather than proactive and sustained. Its public discourse on Islam oscillates between crude, anti-Muslim bigotry and mindless sympathy for largely unjustified Muslim grievance-mongering. Its failure to either charm or cow its Islamist-friendly neighbours -- Pakistan and Bangladesh -- reveals a limited grasp of statecraft," the Journal said.

on taking office in 2004, one of the first acts of the ruling Congress Party was to scrap a federal antiterrorism law that strengthened witness protection and enhanced police powers.

The Congress, it says, has stalled state-level legislation in Gujarat, which is ruled by the opposition BJP. And it was a Congress government that kowtowed to fundamentalist pressure and made India the first country to ban Mumbai-born Salman Rushdie's "Satanic Verses" in 1988.

It is now time to call the WSJ a communalist, hindu fundamentalist, fascist, saffron outfit.


Shankar said...

For LiC, this is an uncomfortable time. But he knows people will forget all this in a couple of days.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps it requires a visit by the fully loaded and secular chubby backpackers to Kasturi Building, to bring some sense into the head of Chief. It may be too late also.

Ghazala Khan said...

Homegrown terrorism is an alarming and very chilling idea. No country likes to believe that violent and armed insurgency and militancy has taken root in its backyard. Countries tend to put the matters at the back burner for as long as possible. India is ignoring the terrorists of RSS, BJP and Bajrang Dal for too long, and now it’s the time for the them to pay back. The recent attack in Mumbai sprouts from within India and is a reaction of Babri Mosque, Gujarat Massacre and scores of other terrorist attacks on Muslims across India.

The Pakistani Spectator

Anonymous said...

Muslims commit terror acts but haven't won a single war in the past 2 centuries. They claim "We Are Victims" all the time, whereever they go. I Central Asia, people of leaving Islam out of disgust.

Dhiraj said...

the Communist MP must have told the terrorist his was CPI and the terrorists would have given him a safe passage as both are enemies of India hence friends

Dhiraj said...

the Communist MP must have told the terrorist his was from the CPI and the terrorists would have given him a safe passage as both are enemies of India hence friends

Anonymous said...

Equally hilarious (actually not.. it's a sick joke) is Vir Sanghvi's piece in Hindustan Times. The guy utters such nonsense that I wonder how any tom dick and harry can become a "journalist"!!!

Shankar said...

It was Vir Sanghvi's Hindustan Times that came up with the rumour that British Muslims were among the attackers. HT and ToI are incapable of investigations or even serious reporting but are the first to spread rumours. They graduate from Bollywood and Fashion magazines. Sick Bania Newspapers.

Anonymous said...

"Mumbai terrorist attack was Indo-US sponsored"-Chindu

Can as well be a sensational headline, in the manner of the (now suddenly disappeared) Mumbai ATS hindutva-terror revealations, gleefully trumpeted by the desi Angrezi media(of which Chindu is a leading star).

With the after effects of the barbardic jihadi attack on Mumbai are still being painfully felt, Chindu is more worried about the image of the Indian media, of all the places in the world, in Pakistan.

Chindu bleeds liberally for the apparent hit that "the greater understanding and camaraderie between the media of the two countries" have taken.

Now what is the grouse of the Paki media?

"Top Pakistani journalists are asking why the Indian media, more specifically the electronic media, have been so willing to accept the government theory that the attackers came from Pakistan. They are dismissive of reports in the Indian press that the terrorists had links with Lashkar-e-Taiba, or that they landed in Mumbai in a boat from Karachi."

Hence, the great scoop by the Paki buddies of Chindu.

'On the whole, Pakistanis — as evident from public phone-ins to talk shows — are even questioning if the entire ghastly episode was not all engineered by Indian intelligence agencies working in connivance with the U.S. to "defame" Pakistan with the intention of dismembering it.'

It may be the prerogative of the jihadi Paki media to vomit out any kind of nonsense.

But, for a paper which pretends to practise responsible journalism to uncritically parrot out Paki propaganda, that too when the blood stains of the victims have not dried up, exposes a sadistic sreak.

And here is how Chindu helps the jihadi press across the border.

'The new evidence in the Samjhauta Express firebombings pointing a finger at a Hindutva militant group has come up repeatedly as one reason why the Indian media should have been less "hasty" in arriving at its conclusions.'

Where is the "new" evidence? Even the secular Central govt. has rejected the diabolical hypothesis of the Mumbai ATS that the "saffron" colonel blew up the bhai-bahi express.

Pakistan media declare war on Indian counterparts

Nirupama Subramanian

Anonymous said...

This news never came in "The Hindu"..The ridiculous remarks from CPM politbureu member and Kerala CM V.S Achutanandan

Anonymous said...

HF, the as*hole will share the grief because the attacks included five star hotels, the kind of places he is used to park his fat ugly rich a*s at. If the attackers had stopped with VT, you would not have seen that 'sharing of grief'. I wish for the day when the second anonymous commenters wish comes true.

only days back the other mad rabid dog called the Malegaon kite flying 'most important terror investigation after Godse'. That is the line their friends in Pakiland now repeat. How much did this mad rabid dogs get paid to promote that line first so that the pakis can use it later? Narco analysis on these a*holes? hang them by the b*lls.

serialMGB said...

Media is escaping the blame and piling it on ALL politicians (temporarily). These burkha and co. mofos will have their own papers thrusted down their gullets. Educate your near and dear ones.