Friday, November 21, 2008

Mu Ka's senile rants on the Maran brothers

The Mu Ka (CM of TN) vs. Maran brothers feud is something worthy of a Ekta Kapoor or Radhika mega serial coverage. For those unaware of this issue the gist being the Maran brothers owned TV Channels and newspapers conducted some polls last year which showed the DMK party in poor light and the portrayal of Stalin as heir apparent. For any unbiased observer this would appear to be a realistic portrayal of the state of affairs in Tamil Nadu. However elements within the DMK (i.e. people who were shown in bad light) raked up dissent with Mu Ka(Emperor Palpatine) that the Maran's were abusing their influence. So Mu Ka promptly showed the brothers the door in an effort to keep his family united.
Now yesterday Mu Ka in an early celebration of
Festivus decided to air the grievances against his grand nephews.
Chindu being the canny cat decided to favor Mu Ka against the Sun TV owners.
It gives a detailed coverage to Mu Ka but restricts Kalanidhi Maran's detailed statements to a paragraph.
With the ejection of Vaiko first and now the Maran brothers, DMK is following the most honorable of Indian political traditions, nepotism. And thanks to Chindu for not pointing out the obvious.


Pilid said...


Is a more detailed refutation of the Maran brothers available anywhere else?

SAN said...

U can visit

Anonymous said...

Funny Chindu. To give this much prominence (front page in the print edition) to an intra-family dispute. Of course, Chief has an indirect family stake in the matter. But, to subject the readers to this kind of Dravidian soap opera, is a little too much.

Dirt Digger said...

There is a 12 page response from Kalanidhi Maran. I'll send you the response or a summarization when I find it.

Dirt Digger said...

Thanks for the note.

Dirt Digger said...

I agree partly with you. It is a family issue, but SUN TV has significant resources within the media and secondly it exposes nepotism within the Mu Ka family.
Lets see how this plays out.