Thursday, November 06, 2008

All Indians are equal, but some are more equal than others

All animals are equal, but some animals are more equal than others. George Orwell

It has been close to 50 years since Orwell wrote this prescient scathing writing about how socialists and communists preach about equality but do not practice it. The Supreme Courts latest declaration about "All of us are Indians, says apex court" reminds me of what Orwell meant. Let me elaborate.
The Supreme Court, in what will be quoted as a landmark decision by Chindu and its media sisters, said,
by saying that "all of us are Indians" and there is no difference between people coming from various regions.

This is a nice utopian judgment but has a few flaws:

  • This judgment unfairly targets only the MNS and Raj Thackeray for regional bias, but seems to conveniently forget that the same situation is happening across the country.

  • The situation in Kashmir is worse with the Islamic terrorists and their surrogates in the political arena like Yasin Malik, Mufti Sayeed, the Abdullahs are all guilty of the same crime. Unfortunately the victims are peaceful Kashmiris who do not recourse to violence to show their angst.
    Why is the Supreme Court not giving them a sermon?

  • Common Indians cannot buy land in Kashmir thanks to Article 370 enacted to pay off Kashmiris and for protection of the vague concept of 'Kashmiriyat'. Respected Supreme court justices we are all Indians, can you allow us to buy land in Srinagar?

  • The situation in Assam is dire for any non-muslim Indians who are being targeted by the immigrant Bangladeshis and their terrorist friends.

  • The law and order situation in New Delhi is replete with incidents of violence and rape of common citizens with the police being an idle bystander. I'm sure the Supreme Court justices can speak out about how criminals are just not targeting people from other parts of the Country.
    Yes on a personal note, a close family friend and his wife were murdered in cold blood by criminals in Delhi when their house was robbed a few years back. The case is still being investigated.

  • How about intolerance towards Tamilians in Karnataka every time the Cauvery issue comes up? Where are the Supreme Court justices when Tamilians get beaten up in the streets of Bangalore?

I'm sure Chindu is already writing an editorial on this topic wanting to praise a rosy picture of how the law of the land should be upheld, but it should look at incidents across the country before making its decision.
As always, I'm open to your thoughts on this issue.

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