Thursday, November 27, 2008

terrorists end the "hindu terror" drama

the terror attack on mumbai is tragic and the killing of policemen is very unfortunate. but the "hindu terror" drama on the tv news channels seems to have come to an end, atleast for the moment. the tragic death of ats chief, karkare has evoked reactions. he was leading the wild goose chase in the sadhvi pragya case. some thought he received swift justice. the poor guy paid a heavy price for looking in the wrong places. the secular media began the coverage of the attacks and karkare's death with an eye on forthcoming elections. rss and bjp became the prime suspects. the gravity of the situation seems to have caught up finally. the usual rhetoric about "mumbai resilience", "terror has no religion", etc. is also missing.


B Shantanu said...

To anyone talking about the "Spirit of Mumbai", I would say, please read this post (from two years ago, but still crisp & fresh):

What we need now is not resilience but resolve

AGworld said...

>but the "hindu terror" drama on the tv news channels seems to have come to an end, atleast for the moment.

Ah, my friend: if you think this will reduce the Media's focus on "hindu terror" you're being incredibly naive.

You underestimate the monster of depravity that is the Indian media.

Here is how the "hindu terrorist" story will actually strengthen:

1. All the terrorists were muslim (gasp -- i said it)

2. Implies india needs to do some "introspection" (the terrorists themselves do not need to introspect -- they're above that -- look, it says so in their koran)

3. 'Introspection' will reveal that this is the result of horrific 'oppression' of muslims by the state of india in general, and hindus in particular (never mind that for the last 60 years, the state has been more anti hindu than even the pope).

4. Hindu terror in (drum roll) gujarat and now malegaon are examples of how mohammedans are justfieid in doing what they did

5. Implication: screw them hindus

case closed.

Anonymous said...

Amidst all the tragedy and mayhem, one byte is revealing. There was an audio transmission of a phone conversation (in a TV channel) between the reporter and an MP from Kerala holed up in the Taj hotel. He was having his food/party in the restaurant and when the angry and alienated secular "visitors" visited them to check out their well being.

It turns out that the MP belongs to CPM and staying in Taj, of all the places!

Anonymous said...

Thank the Lord that there is no BS about how the "Mumbai spirit" is unshakable and undefeatable! This is not just an ordinary "terror attack by misguided youth who belong to the religion whose name should not be uttered". This is clearly a mockery of Indian state. The terrorists have managed successfully to show that they can strike at any place at their will.
The talk of spirit, rss, bjp is taking backseat (not completely of course... just check our chindu's edit today) because the terrorists have attacked the upper strata of society. They did not bother when the common folks were killed like disposables. The media still has a lot to learn though.

Check out... US intelligence official says "patil is incompetent". The US is sending a FBI team since a handful of US citizens are held hostage/dead in the attack. I wish to God that our politicians show that concern to Indian lives.

Anonymous said...

As much as I would like the media to come out of it's intelligence paucity.. it will not happen. What AGworld says is true!!

Anonymous said...

I congratulate you for having the courage to write the truth.