Sunday, November 16, 2008

Boycott Novell protesters manhandled in Kerala

Recently there was an conference on Free Software conducted in Cochin. This was covered in usual bland format by Chindu here.
However what they censored out was the fact that a few protesters against Novell were kicked out by the police. For details do check out the blog here.

Let us see the parties involved here,
  • Novell- the sponsor but not the paragon of "free" software if one checks its lawsuits against Linux and other flavors of Unix.
  • Kerala Police - the goons who work for the CPM Government.
  • Chindu - an English version of Deshabhimani, supporter of 'free press'
You can make your own conclusions of what might've happened.
In a side note, V.R. Krishna Iyer columnist in Chindu and one of Pilid's favorite writers turned 94 and who else but V.S.Achutanandan, honorable CM of Kerala. Hopefully we'll see some interesting anti-capitalistic articles from VRKI soon.

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