Saturday, November 22, 2008

Civilian NGO's support terrorists

Someone once compared the media to a pack of dogs yapping about every car that passes them by. Now the Chindu reports that the NGO's are continuing their hullabaloo over the police targeting of terrorists. U.R. Ananthamurthy, Jnan Pith-Award winner, in a show of support to terrorists says,
Every encounter death may be a homicide because the police are operating under tremendous pressure

Are you kidding me? How about respect for the victims who were killed, civilians who were targeted by these purveyors of terror? Where were you when they hit Bangalore, Jaipur, Delhi and other cities?
In a stern warning to the media Ananthamurthy
was critical of the media and requested journalists to refrain from using the names of the accused before they were convicted. “Phrases like ‘Muslim terrorists’ must be avoided,” he said.

So Mr. Ananthamurthy, how should these terrorists who have killed thousands?
Would you like it if we called them mis-guided youth who have chosen to attack civilians due to socio-economic injustices but should not be attributed to any religion?
The scary part is the amount of money being pumped into these efforts by "external sources". With the media already in cahoots with external sources for obvious majority baiting reasons, this appears to be a coordinated effort to paint the police in bad light and with the "Hindutva terror campaign" in full swing it appears to be a long fight for anyone with patriotic intentions.

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Anonymous said...

How else did this guy get Jnanpeeth? As head of Sahitya Akademi, he made sure Leftists get all awards.

Kuvempu and Viswanatha Satyanarayana would never have won the Jnanpeeth writing under this leftist dispensation ruling India's literary circles.

This guy is more political than most politicians.