Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Chindu on a rampage on 'Hindutva terror groups' while Assam bleeds

There has seldom been clearer exposition of double standards as shown in the recent handling of the Malegaon investigation and the Assam blasts. On one hand the arrests of the Sadhvi Pragnya Thakur and Lieutenant Colonel Prasad Shrikant for the blasts in Malegaon has been given high level, Kandhamal style coverage (as it affects minorities). There are 4 articles on the issue, from Purohit’s improbable path to becoming a terrorist to
He is the founder of Hindutva terror group, say investigators by the venerable Praveen Swami and two other articles.
However the blasts in Assam where an Islamic terrorist group has claimed responsibility and the involvement of Bangladeshi immigrants have been noted is given very limited coverage and appears to be swept under the rug.
The key note from Praveen's article sums up the media credibility on this issue,
The officials said there was, as yet, no evidence to confirm media speculation that Purohit had sourced the explosives through his military contacts.

Why is there so much noise but yet little evidence?
In an unrelated incident, another VHP worker was killed by Maoist Christian terrorists.
Wonder if Chindu would brand Maoists as Christian terrorists as they rightly should be called?


Anonymous said...

Maoists are not merely Christian Terrorists but are also Communist terrorists. You are expecting a lot by seeking LIC to be be objective and chastise the outfit in the same way with which he is attacking the Hindu group, even without much official confirmation.


Anonymous said...

The Hindu had another fall in its readership. Down 4 lakhs to 52 Lakhs in IRS 2008 Round 2 ( i.e abt a 7% drop, compared to 2% drop for TOI, and HT holding steady)

Dirt Digger said...

Thanks for the clarification. That is correct. They are communists first, what irks me is that they will be unpatriotic as much as they want but no one can question them.
LiC being a prime example of that.

Dirt Digger said...

thats a great post. Finally the advent of TOI and DC have their impacts on Chindu.