Thursday, November 27, 2008

Quick observations on the Mumbai blasts

This incident is changing the way India approaches terrorism. So far it has been quick to sweep it under the rug as isolated incidents. Now hitting Mumbai the terrorists have struck a nerve and now lets see how the people respond back.
As my fellow writer HF wrote,
the gravity of the situation seems to have caught up finally. the usual rhetoric about "mumbai resilience", "terror has no religion", etc. is also missing.

In a departed change from the usual modus operandi of IED's this hostage drama appears to be taken from the Chechen rebel hostage incident.

Rumors flying fast that the email from the Deccan Mujahideeen originated from Russia would now link this group with the LET, Al Qaeda and potentially the Chechen rebels.

The killing of policemen especially the chief of ATS is really unfortunate. However I'm surprised that he would lead from the front, when given the multiple hostage incidents, his leadership from the back would've been invaluable.

The incompetence of the Central and Maharashtra governments in managing the media which seems to have a free rein in interviewing every Tom Dick and Harry and adding to the confusion while providing limited value in terms of news reporting. People like Veerappa Moily and Pranab Mukherjee are incredibly bad in handling such situations and jump into confrontational poses than calmly speaking to the people. Also what is the point in interviewing Mahesh Bhatt and Javed Jaffri?

In the near future we might hear about the "Spirit of Mumbai"another esoteric concept famously touted by the media but probably rubbished everywhere else.


AGworld said...

Aren't we expecting too much from our media walas?
I mean think of this -- its usually guys who graduate at the bottom of the class who become journos. They dont make it to med school, engi college or what have you.

Now suddenly, these second class segregates are telling you and me what we need to know.

Can we trust them with jobs of such importance?

froginthewell said...

he gravity of the situation seems to have caught up finally. the usual rhetoric about "mumbai resilience", "terror has no religion", etc. is also missing.

Not really. Check out Amir Khan's ( one of the worst fundamentalist "liberal" leeches - and we Indians suck because so many of us are his fans in spite of his fanaticism ) blog - he wants politicians to "understand that terrorists have no religion".

Anonymous said...

'This incident is changing the way India approaches terrorism'

absolutely not. The heightened cacophony was because the media as*holes who splurge in these five star hotels with ill gotten money got scared s*it that one of their places got attacked. Within a day they sobered up. Now there is a mad attempt to deflect attention created by this cacophony, onto 'politicians'.

If people should be mad at politicians, should we not start with the number one politician in the country today who gets named in 'forbes most powerful' list?