Friday, October 31, 2008

After other regions terrorism strikes Eastern India

When one looks at a map of India today, it is very difficult to pinpoint a state where terrorism has not struck. Now its Assam's turn.
Let us see the states struck, Jammu and Kashmir, Punjab, Kerala, Karnataka, AP, TN, Maharashtra, New Delhi, Rajastan ....
I hate to beat statistics on this issue, but the tentacles have spread far and wide. However what was interesting was Chindu's response in what it termed as Terrorism: the gathering storm.
While using its vast network of resources and superior intelligence, Chindu's rationale comes up with this rationale for terrorism,
In India, too, jihadists have acquired unprecedented influence — in no small measure because of the abject failure of the Indian state and political system to check and combat Hindutva-led communal violence.

And beyond calling for the head of the Home Minister, it offers little in substantiative solutions to tackle the problem at hand.
It is time a change was made at the helm of the Union Home Ministry, if only to demonstrate that collective responsibility cannot possibly mean that nobody takes the rap for a system’s appalling failure.

Thanks for protecting the terrorists, we know whose interests Chindu and LiC have in their heart.


Anonymous said...

Chief comes out with his own brilliant pseudo-thesis that the growing influence of the jehadi terrorism is "because of the abject failure of the Indian state and political system to check and combat Hindutva-led communal violence."

Chindu always finds Hindus and Hindutava responsible for the mindless and bloody minority terrorism. This perverse Chindu ideology should be aptly labelled "Chindutva".

Anonymous said...

We should be surprised if Chindu comes out with an editorial reflecting the society's sentiment at large. To uphold value of pseudo secularism it always links it( serial bomb blast) up with Hindutva. Unfortunately, sure even LiC knows this is just to pacify Sonia-Manio. It is nothing but Chindutva.

Dirt Digger said...

Anon 1,
haha thats a good term!! If you can give a quotable pseudonym we'll credit you with coining the term.

Dirt Digger said...

Anon 2,
The liberal media has a guilt psychology or in certain cases a manifestation of the Stockholm syndrome. In Chindu's case, its a warped sense of being fair, when its just punishing the majority for the minorities faults.

Anonymous said...


Thanks for the compliment. I shall try to come out with a mutually compatible (i.e between myself and Chindu!) pseudonym.

In the meantime, there is some interesting news from Chindu's HQ (not sure if covered by Chindu).

Chinese media questions Chandrayaan's success

BEIJING: India's Chandrayaan mission may have evoked a good bit of national pride and come in for praise from different quarters worldwide including the White House in Washington. But a large section of the Chinese media has raised questions published articles questioning the success of Chandrayaan.

Most of the articles are copies of a single piece using almost similar text. The headline common several of the pieces in different websites are: "Orbit not very normal; has India's Chandrayaan-1 run into problem?"

"Though India's human rights performance has been dismal in the last decade with right wing Hindu chauvinists targeting two large minorities of the country, Christians and Muslims but it has not hindered India's ascendance to the big league in the space," the version in the Chinese media said.
So, folks see how condescending Chief's masters can be!

A country which has committed agression on our soil and still occupying territory, swallowed up Tibet and murdered its own youth at Tienanman, lectures about "human rights" in India!!