Thursday, October 02, 2008

OBC Quota Hike

It appears that the Central government is all set to hike the income limit for the 'creamy layer' from Rs.2.5 lakhs to Rs.4.5 lakhs or Rs.37,500/month making a mockery of the income limit for eligibility under the OBC quota (here is an image file of the news item that appeared yesterday in Mail Today). This is a major step to undermine the Supreme Court orders in Indra Sawhney and the more recent Ashok Kumar Thakur judgments. The Hindu did not report this. Why?

Update: Today's edition of The Hindu does have a report on this. (Thanks to DD for sending the link.)


Dirt Digger said...

I have 3 words for you vote-bank politics. If you check the %age of people above 4.5 lakhs you would probably find a smaller number of people. I'm not sure Chindu did it on purpose, but lets see...

Pilid said...


I fully agree. With elections coming, that is the most likely explanation. I agree that the paper probably did not do it on purpose but how come they have missed such a major policy change?

Anonymous said...

if Geelani can have his Islamic nation, denounce secularism, and accuse Hindus of communalism, I dont see the point in pretending there are any limits.

Dirt Digger said...

Chindu posts the news in today's paper here
There are a couple of nuggets here,
"The Commission, which submitted its report on July 1, took into account the recommendations of the Sixth Central Pay Commission, besides the all-India consumer price index, price rise, inflation rate, the monthly per capita expenditure of the OBCs, their economic conditions, and per capita national product before arriving at the new ceiling."

also this one,

"Most of the States had demanded that the new ceiling be fixed at between Rs. 4 lakh and 6 lakh. Karnataka and Madhya Pradesh had, in fact sought much higher ceilings of Rs. 25 lakh and 10 lakh."

Anirban Ghoshal said...

And this is going to get only worse . State wont stop at 50% reservation.

From a republic for protection for everyone it is going to be a tyranny of the majority .