Sunday, October 12, 2008

Chindu announces its first canonization - St. Sonia

In a development which was hailed by most secular media, Chindu announced the canonization of its first Saint of this millennium St.Sonia Maino.
The process is expected to occur more frequently and involves thorough lack of investigation by Chindu agents.
In a discussion with LiC, he mentioned that
The most striking quality of her life is her love of God and Bharat. She was determined to live for God and Bharat from her childhood.

Her canonization was praised by secular media all over the world. In celebration of this glorious incident, PM and lap dog MM Singh declared this day a National holiday. With tears flooding his eyes, MM Singh claimed how he was one of those cured by St.Sonia,
I was bureaucrat and ex-finance minister with no ambitions, but Saint Sonia reading my inner ambitions cured my lack of ambition and greed and made me the Prime Minister. Hallelujah!

Just as she loved Bharat, she loved all Bharat-vasis. She forgave all those who criticised her without understanding the problems she was facing owing to mental illness. In fact, she accepted criticism and ill-treatment with patience and love. Sonia’s life indeed serves as an excellent role model for a life of love without losing faith and hope even in the face of unbearable suffering.
In celebration of this event, senior leaders like Arjun Singh, Sharad Pawar, Oscar Fernandes, Ambika Soni and Sheila Dixit used the Gandhian way of celebration by fasting between lunch and dinner, breaking in between for samosas with chai.
In a stunning recollection, Rahul Gandhi son of St.Sonia, mentioned the key incident in his mothers life when she went through deep tribulations, when
the left parties withdrew support to the UPA Government. That was the time he said,
She never lost faith in the fundamental makeup of politicians, that is greed. Her belief that God intended His rule over India and its primitive heathen public would not be shaken.

In a related incident, Mr. Zardari, President of Pakistan, requested LiC to nominate the late Benazir to be canonized next.


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