Saturday, October 11, 2008

Hilarious "Letter to the Editor"

Chindu indulges in excessive censorship on any views not in line with its own. On the other hand, even lunatic elements from the Left are liberally accommodated.
Who is living in denial needs to be explored quite honestly. Except this one, the other encounters are not genuine. Why conveniently single out this incident and try to portray all human/civil rights activists in a bad light?
- T. Rajendran, Nagercoil
The open letter is indeed a high order political communication and has served as a tool to get a clearer understanding of status quo.

The letter reflects the openness of the party and the quantum of freedom the Prime Minister enjoys in crucial areas. The mature advice of madam has rich value and content. Soniaji’s sense of commitment, non-self-centeredness, deep insights into problems and issues and transparency, are reflected with great sensitivity and concerns for nation building. The letter has touched the nation’s economy, every key problem and issues confronting us and ways to overcome without the blame culture.

Soniaji’s letter is most timely and appropriate.

- H.K. LakshmanRao, Chennai

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Anonymous said...

It is good that you had exposed this hilarious letter published by a more hilarious editor.

The same Chindu exhibited itself to be an insane ass in its daily coverage of so-called anti-Christian acts all over the country.

Saturday's edition (11-10-2008)carried the following report (in the first page of the print edition, Chennai):

"Security tightened for churches"

There is a photograph with the following caption:

"The damaged glass panel of the pulpit of the church at Anna Nagar."

Then the report starts with the following bombastic declaration:

"The police have beefed up security for churches and other Christian institutions in Tamil Nadu in the wake of attacks on Christians and churches in Orissa and Karnataka, DGP K.P. Jain said."

And here is the rather tame ending to Chindu's sensational report.

"Thirumangalam police, who have a registered a case, said the church officials had in their complaint suspected a former employee, Yesuraj (25) of Tiruvallur, who was recently removed from job."

In another report (a few days ago), it was reported that a disgruntled church employee was reported to be the suspect.

So, these kinds of secular, pro-minority news reportings lead us to wonder about the real perpetrators and the motives of those who are shouting loud and crude.