Saturday, October 11, 2008

Krishna Iyer's insane rants continues

I was feeling a bit down with the market crash and in general news from the prophets of doom and gloom. Then checking the provider of 'real news' The Chindu lead me to a "fun" piece of work by Krishna Iyer about the need for law.
Sometime I wonder what realistic value does Chindu provide to the reader other than unintentional laughter provided by the nonsensical writings of said writer. For those who have not had the privilege of reading some of the works of KI it is like a part rabid dog, part mad clown, part insane geezer. The article is filled with the usual standard KI widgets like,

  • Unnecessary bombastic words ('Bedlam abiosis', 'obliterated the preambular emphasis', etc.) - check

  • Blatant Nehruvian socialistic pandering - check
    Will Bharat, when it wakes up, forgive Dr. Manmohan Singh for forgetting non-aligned Nehru, his allergy to imperial powers and his socialist perspective?

  • Multiple instances of US bashing - check

  • Anti liberalization propoganda - check
    Imports from the subsidised U.S. farmers are hostile to swadeshi. Why has pollutive industrialisation with aggressive profit-making become the cynosure of toxic state policy?

  • Bashing of any legal instrument the author does not understand - check
    Globalisation, privatisation, marketisation, Trade Related Intellectual Property Rights, Trade Related Investment Measures, Technical Regulations Information System and other deleterious international conventions, agreements, declarations and treaties signed or approved by the executive make Parliament impotent while it should be paramount.

  • A very unclear love hate relationship with MMS and Sonia Maino - check

The article fittingly ends with the quote of Maximilien Robespierre, about the need for a just law. Perhaps the author should read the history of the person before quoting him out of context.

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