Friday, October 17, 2008

Chindu's open comments are met with fire, yes literally.

There are some topics the average person in Tamil Nadu does not take lightly, like imposition of Hindi, how Rajnikanth is still a Superstar, why do they complain about Cauvery water and lastly the LTTE issue.
As pointed out by a regular reader Reason,
chindu chief is crying that Periyar Dravidar Kazhagam in TN attacked his offices in Erode and Coimbatore following his anti-LTTE articles.

The article can be read here.
The liberal media is often under the misconception that only the right-wing Hindu groups protest with violence and the rest are civilized and cultured.
Little do they realize that they have been wearing rose colored glasses all along. The average educated person has little interest in working for political groups or NGO's unless there are some extraordinary reasons like say there is real money, opportunity for power and so on.
Hence most of these political groups are often filled with hired muscle, more likely your average street thug.
In a grandiose statement LiC rants,
In our considered editorial assessment, these chauvinistic, pro-separatist tendencies are deeply inimical to the interests of the Indian people. Hearteningly, the overwhelming majority of the people of Tamil Nadu, who do not want a replay of the propaganda campaigns and violent activities of the terrorist Tamil Tigers in one of India’s most peaceful States, firmly oppose these chauvinistic tendencies.”

If one were to read some of the statements of the "Tamil Nadu political arena", it would seem that they (DMK, ADMK, MDMK and so on) were in favor of the Indian Govt. stopping supplying equipment to the Sri Lankan army's offensive against Sri Lankan Tamils.
However LiC does not understand that or for matter of fact the systematic genocide of Tamilians which has been undertaken by the Sri Lankan army under direct orders of the President Mahinda Rajapaksa as has been documented by several media outlets.
It is indeed the sovereign right of Sri Lanka as it is of India to eliminate any terrorist organisation that poses a fundamental threat to its survival as a nation

If it can condone the actions of the Sri Lankans, then its statements about human rights violations in Kashmir smacks of hypocrisy.
What LiC and his cohorts think is that people do not remember whatever gibberish they spouted previously and that people's sympathy would be towards them as was the case when JJ sent the police into Anna Salai. However in this case they have seriously misunderstood the situation and the audience's sympathies.


Anonymous said...

Give freedom to Tamils from Sinhala butchers!

Pilid said...

How does N.Ram know what the people of Tamil Nadu know or want? Its one thing to say that he believes something but quite another to claim that all the people support that view. Politicians routinely do that because they are out to solicit popular support but journalists ought to stick to the evidence when they make assertions like that.

Anonymous said...

Chief carries a heavy burden. He was awarded the title "Lanka Ratna" by the Sri Lanka govt. and obviously LTTE and its supporters don't like it.

Chief is very secular and so are the so-called Dravidians, who are also supposedly rationalists. When it comes to Tamil/Tamilian interests, Chief should be a little bit careful as his exhibition of secularist credentials won't help him here. Rationalists will pick on his "Aryan antecedents". He can be secular, but still an Aryan secularist!

Dirt Digger said...

Unfortunately the same claim is made by most Chindu journalists who misuse journalistic liberties to forge their hidden agendas.
When things don't work in their favor they start crying.
It would be interesting if someone would take them to court on this issue.

Dirt Digger said...

Here in this blog we condemn all forms of genocide.
LiC's Lanka Ratna came at a price, where he sold out his fellow Tamilians by supporting the Lankan government. Do check this blog for more details.

cry for children said...

what if NRam and Malini Parthasarathy were the parents of these kids?
Bombed by SLAF for being tamils