Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Chinese dumping welcomed by Chindu

Thanks to an anonymous reader for pointing this article.
Written by A. Srivathsan and Li Xinran this article goes on to laud the impressive quality in the imports from China.
“If you have a viable volume, China is a good place to shop for building materials. It is the manufacturing hub of the world and offers good price and an impressive range of choice,”says Chitty Babu, Managing Director, Akshaya Homes. On an average, Akshaya imports about 10 to 15 tonnes of building materials every two months.

There are several issues which come to mind.
How is China able to keep the costs so low?
When there is an obvious quality issue with the industry not certified, why does Chindu not raise that as an issue?
Why is there a double standard between supporting products from China against products from other countries?
What about the local competition and their thoughts on being sandbagged by cheap Chinese imports?

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