Sunday, October 05, 2008

Christian missionaries can get away with murder

India is known for its hospitality towards guests, from allowing Mughals to rule to allowing the traders from Britain to loot to current day where Islamic terrorists bomb every major city and now apparently some of the Christian missionaries hiring goons to kill anyone opposing them and their conversion agenda. The murder of Swami Lakshmanananda in Kandhamal district on August 23 has taken a new twist.
The Maoist rebels have claimed the murder as he was "forcing" the tribals and Dalit Christians to "convert to Hinduism". Apparently the Maoists are now the hired henchmen of the Christian missionaries and can now threaten anyone,
Mr. Panda reiterated his party’s threat to eliminate 14 local leaders of the VHP/RSS and their allied organisations if they did not stop the violence in Kandhamal and end forcible conversion of tribals and Dalits. Tribals were not Hindus, he said.

Why are the Maoists angry when someone is converting to Hinduism?

Why did they not raise a ruckus when Hindus were being converted to Christianity?

Why is LiC not writing in depth about the nexus between the Christians and the Maoist rebels who are terrorists?

The statements below reflect the crazed mind of Mr.Panda in trying to cover up the nexus,
Noting that most of the cadre members and supporters in Orissa belonged to Christian community, Panda said, "It is a fact that Christians are in majority in our organisation.

and this,
We do not believe in any religion or are attached to any religious groups. We are not in favour of any religion

The irony here is that LiC demands multiple companies of the Army be deployed in Orissa, but what about those who are being killed in Assam by Bangladeshi immigrants? Or how about those people being killed in the various cities by Islamic militants? Perhaps LiC will come to his senses when an explosion occurs in his crystal tower in Anna Salai.


Anonymous said...

Chief seems to be somewhat embarassed by the violent words of this Panda fellow and that is why the report is hidden deep inside, in a corner, in the print edition.

More strikingly, Chief has not commented about the threat of this Panda maoist about Advani, Singhal and Togadia heading their hitlist. Or, is it that Chindu is viacriously happy?

reason said...

sorry for a off-topic comment, but couldn't resist.

after we decided even on this blog that Geelani is a secular freedom fighter who should have his Islamic nation free of evil Hindu communal infidels, it turns out there are now people in kashmir valley that may not want that azaadi after all. The recent call to 'march' ended up being an absolute damp squib. There is a report today in that people in some places are actually shouting slogans *against* the honorable freedom fighter secular separatists, for disturbing their lives. And in some places people signed a declaration to police that they wont do any nonsense, in return for lifting of curfew which was promptly lifted (from a PTI report. ).

But our secular ideals are so high, that even after Zardari calls the dear kashmir separatists 'terrorists', national conference says they can not 'react' to it without 'studying'.

and please do pardon my Hindu communal fundamentalist belligerence. regular secular programming can resume now.

Dirt Digger said...

The fact that Panda argues his right in targeting the Leader of the Opposition clearly puts the Maoists as a terrorist organization and their leaders as terrorists.
Chindu is no doubt embarassed by the exhibition of the true colors of the Maoists who's ideals they have supported covertly over the years.

Dirt Digger said...

I'm not sure where in this blog and who decided Geelani is a secular freedom fighter? Could you point to the relevant post please?
In fact HF had sarcastically claimed that since the US had denied his visa, Geelani would be declared as a secular person by chindu here

Geelani has been firm on his stance of an Islamic govt. in Kashmir. This goes against the Indian constitution. Secondly he has been quite supportive of the Pakistani based groups, which means he aids and abets terrorists.
Hence he should be arrested on both counts and sent to prison for treason.

reason said...

"the Kashmiri separatists will no longer have to play a careful game of balancing their support for dialogue with sympathy for the terrorists"

mere humane 'sympathy' for the terrorists. would you dare arrest them and punish them for that?

"One cannot equate the IM with the Kashmiri separatists."

"If you believe that Islamist politicians 'have no place' in a democracy, there is little more to be said. It suffices to note that this claim is belied by all the Islamic democracies around the world."

now, I would love to see that list of islamic democracies around the world. sounds so benign, put that way.

"Just as the BJP takes its inspiration from ancient Hindu texts and our sanatana dharma, the Kashmiri right takes its cue from the Islamist system."

"Not surprisingly, the Kashmiri Islamists look towards the Pakistani system as their ideal model"

"That Geelani wants to be better than Osama is your erroneous interpretation of his words. All the Islamists including him have functioned as part of various political formations."

Dirt Digger said...

Thanks for the note. The comments you refer to are expressed by Pilid on a post which opposed my thoughts in the post here.
I'll ask Pilid to respond to clarify the opinions expressed below.

Pilid said...

Indonesia, Mali, Senegal, Malaysia. Turkey is officially secular but ruled by an Islamist party; Bosnia could perhaps be added to the same category. Algeria has returned to democratic rule after the collapse of the insurgency and the end of military rule.

Anonymous said...

Chindu seems to have literally launched a crusade, by giving prominence and exaggerated publicity to isolated incidents involving "churches", as if christianity is under grave attack by Hinduism. Chief's is thoroughly exposed in that he rarely reports attack on Hindus in this serial manner. Looks like desi English language media, in general, is being heftily funded by the crusaders.