Monday, January 14, 2008

Similarities between Chindu and Cheater

List of similarities between Chindu and Ricky "Cheater" Ponting:

1. Both lie through their teeth.
2. Both are hypocrites
3. If communists are winning, it is good for the world; if the opposition is winning, Chindu calls it communalism. If Australia is winning, it is good for cricket; if the opposition is winning, Cheater Ponting calls them "racists".
4. Both display a holier-than-thou attitude.
5. Chindu claims BJP is bad for India because Gujarat 02 riots happened only under BJP; Cheater Ponting claims India is bad for cricket because the only complaint filed in the Sydney test was against an Indian.
6. Chindu claims communism represents the spirit of India; Cheater Ponting claims Australia represents the spirit of cricket.
7. While the communists were conducting the pogrom in Nandigram, Chindu asked us to ignore it and look at Mamta. When Australia played with 15 players to win the Sydney test, Cheater Ponting said look at the umpiring as human error.
8. If you opposed Chindu, you dont deserve to be on the planet; same if you opposed Cheater Ponting.


Anonymous said...

Good one! This kinda posts tend to be popular. Some even go on chain emails

Anonymous said...

Report Shaun Tait for suspect action. That is what India have to do on Day 1. His action is already under scrutiny. Aussies are known for their non-cricketing ways of playing. Do unto Aussies what they do unto you.

Anonymous said...

Ponting did not cheat.That is the way he learnt to do things when he grew up.These traits have been handed down to him from his ancestors who were 5 ships behind Cook's to australia.They got an opportunity to board the ship because
the head of that family called someone monkey,thinking that he was his friend..