Friday, January 18, 2008

Chindu's Website

You cannot teach an old dog new tricks. Chindu's lousy website lists these links bang beneath the breaking news scroll.

India and China: A shared vision for the 21st Century New !
Manmohan Singh's address at India-China Economic, Trade and Investment Summit New !
India and China: Documents signed on January 14, 2008. New !
India and China: Summary of MOUs signed on January 14, 2008. New !
'Model code violation': Unanimous decision of Election Commission - Full text
India and China - a Harmony of Civilizations
CPC Central Committee report full text resolution
India-US 123 Agreement: Full Text (pdf) Manmohan statement in Lok Sabha CPI (M) Polit Bureau statement CPI (M) Central Committee resolution

There is room only for Chinese, Commie and anti-Modi voice

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Ranjith said...

i was waiting to see if they would give links to any of the Indo-French joint statements or agreements here! Of course, they are not interested in any other country dealing with india, other than China (and chinese buddies)