Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Neena thinks for her readers

He said the message sent out was that the Modi government had remained steadfast to the party ideology (Hindutva, although the word was not mentioned) and shown
its commitment to development.


Though Hindutva was not mentioned, Neena wants everyone to believe that Rajnath was indeed referring to it. When reports on CPM's Nandigram pogrom are littered with "alleged", why is there no "alleged" reference here? How come Neena is cock-sure that Rajnath was referring to Hindutva?

Why doesn't Ms Vyas just present news and stop thinking for her readers? People who read Chindu know very well what the ideology of the BJP is and they also know where the loyalties of Ms Vyas and her boss are. The "allegedly" intelligent Neena must shut up and stop presenting views as news.

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