Sunday, January 27, 2008

Padma Awards

Harish Khare must indeed be disappointed that he lost out to other luminary secularists like Bharka Dutt and Rajdeep Sardesai. The Congress treats the state awards - for that matter anything to do with the Indian state- as its own property or the property of the Mainos . So you have Pranab Mukharjee being awarded the Padma Vibushan. He may have deserved the award. But, giving it at a time when his party is in power- and when he is the No 2 in the cabinet- smacks of nepotism. This isn't surprising as the Congress has a history of rewarding its loyalists with high constitutional posts . The PM, governors like SC Jamir,SM Krishna and President Patil are living examples of this cheap practice.It is indeed fitting that one Congress sycophant will receive the award from another.

The day is not far when Madam Maino will be "awarded" the Bharat Ratna for her "selfless service to the aam admi". That will seal the italy ki beti debate forever. At least the Congress would like to believe so.

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