Thursday, January 03, 2008

Modi's victory is dangerous: Khare

The Hindu : Opinion / News Analysis : A year of hard decisions statecraft
the dangerous implications of the Modi victory in Gandhinagar and equally troublesome downstream effects of the Bhutto assassination in Rawalpindi will need to be dealt with competently and confidently, that too in a manner as not to aggravate further our collective travails or to erode further our democratic institutions.
Modi has been elected democratically, in an election free of any incidents. Remember, Khare shamelessly attributed Modi's past victory to rigging!!!
This takes us into the very heart of the Congress priestly code: the
fiction has to be maintained that Ms Gandhi is the only leader who
generates any kind of popular and electoral appeal. The sub-theme of
this priestly code is that the only other person who can be permitted
to make any claims of charisma is young Rahul Gandhi.
Khare is calling Sonia's popular appeal as fiction. We should note this for posterity. He is clearly going beyond his mandate here. I must add, this is Khare-ish. His narration is riddled with contradictions. For example, here he actually is trying to say that Congress will gain if Sonia leads the election campaign because her huge electoral appeal is pure fiction.
This ties up with the larger requirement of assuring the country that
the government of the day has some idea how to deal effectively with
terrorism. The government has neither been able to make the moral case
for caring for the minorities — including the Sachar Committee
recommendations — nor has it convinced the country that the government
is not pitifully quagmired in the “appeasement” at the expense of the
simple and unambiguous requirement of enforcing the rule of law.
Another Khare-ism. His suggestion to improve national security is to implement Sachar recommendations!!!

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