Monday, January 21, 2008

Naxal Ram solves the border dispute with China

Naxal Ram solves the border dispute with China in <surprise, surprise> China's favour. N.Ram states the official Chinese position on the border dispute. This is what happens when you ignore Chinese occupation of Tibet. It is worthwhile to remember that the "sensitive question left over by history' did not exist before the invasion. India and China did not have a common boundary before the illegal occupation of Tibet by China.

The Hindu : Opinion / Editorials : Thriving against the predictions
A fair, reasonable, and mutually acceptable boundary settlement can come only through give and take, by whatever name called.


socal said...

Who gives and who takes?

Btw guys, Dreze has an op-ed in Chindu defending the leaky NREG scheme. Good opportunity to expose it.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps it would mightily please our Editor-in-Chief if Bharat were to be designated as yet another "Autonomous Region" (a la Tibet). This way the border dispute would be easily solved, with Kolkata being the natural choice as the capital of the "Autonomous Region". And Chindu would report with double the vigour and serve its Beijing masters with utmost dedication.