Friday, January 18, 2008

Ram's solution to the boundary issue

As expected the Liar-in-Chief dashed off to his homeland to cover the Puppet Minister's Chinese visit. And he made all the right noises that sure must have been music to his masters' ears.

Ram on the Boundary issue:

a boundary settlement can come only through give and take, by whatever name called.

What "give" and "take" is he talking about with a country that says Arunachal Pradesh is its territory? Give Arunachal and take what? Already a part of J&K has been "taken" and does ram want India to "give" more?

China has been , is making and will make moves that are sure to cause discomfort in Delhi. Against this backdrop, a sensible approach will be to deal with China cautiously and not embrace it with open arms.

Giving’ large areas of territory held, or agreeing to significant transfers of population across the line of actual control (LAC), will not be politically feasible in either country.

Now, can there be political opposition in China? Is there a democratic set up in that country? What political opposition is ram talking about?

China is a country that is ruthless in crushing any anti-establishment voice. Be it forced sterilization or crushing dissidence or muzzling the press, it has zero tolerance towards differing voices. It has even made Internet giants like Google and yahoo toe its line on e-censorship.Ram is again misleading his readers into believing that there is a political system in that country and that the government is constrained by fears of political backlash.

A more immediate practical task is to find ways to better manage the LAC so that incursions’ by the armed forces of either side across what the other side sees as the precise LAC are minimised and, if possible, ruled out.

He is not even willing to acknowledge "Chinese incursions". His Columbia degree has taught him to beat around the bush and call it "what the other side sees as the precise LAC ". Even Xinhua can't match Chindu.

Nuclear issue:

Ram , and of course the left lunatics ,will have no problems if India signs a N-deal with China. The commie way of "independent" foreign policy has always been devising policies that are pro-China, pro-Iran and anti-US. Won't the same reasons that the commies cite to oppose the US deal be applicable to China? How is a deal with China alone in the " strategic" interests of India? Given China's proximity to Pakistan, even the most stringent of fall back safeguards is unlikely to deter China from pulling the plugs from the Indian reactors. After all China is a country that despite being a NPT signatory, has been involved in rampant n-proliferation. How can India expect China to keep its words on whatever it promises?

Ram might feel the need to suck up to China, but expecting the Indian state to follow suit is nothing but an atempt to send the Indian foreign policy on a suicide mission.

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