Saturday, January 12, 2008

Jyoti Basu doesn't want Bharat Ratna

The CPM on Saturday put cold water on suggestions for Bharat Ratna to veteran Marxist Jyoti Basu, saying the party does not accept state awards. "It is not a practice of our leaders to accept state awards,"

Why would the CPM accept an award from India? The comrades must have given clear instructions to the Puppet Minister to lobby hard with the Chinese for a "Chinese Ratna"during his China visit. They have done a yeoman service to china by scuttling the N deal and they deserve the honour.


Anonymous said...

While I find some of your posts interesting, readers like me (while appreciating the effort to reveal the true face of the backward communists) are bound to lose interest if you are not careful in your wordings. Take for instance "chinki" . You should be aware that it is a racist slang. Although many ignorant Indians use it often, that only shows their racist tendencies.And only last week everyone was outraged that an Indian was accused of racism on the cricket field down under!

Andromeda said...

@ Anonymous,

The usage of the word cited above was purely out of ignorance and was never intended to be a racial remark.Thanks for pointing it out. I will remove it from my post