Thursday, January 10, 2008

blog direction

let me start off by wishing you all a happy new year. for some among us like me, it is a non-event. but it can also be a good time to take stock.

i and andromed have been discussing the direction we need to take. there are two alternatives before us.
one is to continue our focus on chindu and occasionally add some offtopic entertaining stuff.
the other is to expand to include other newspapers by presenting the blogging community's reactions to media bias. this is obviously more time-consuming and will also depend on the response we get from the bloggers and community.

what do you guys think? drop a comment or an email


Anonymous said...

Chindu : 50-60%
Rest of English Language Media (ELM) : 20-30%
Offtopic - 10%

You guys should not spend more time. This is like a marathon, so it is important that you guys don't tire yourselves. Maybe you should tie up with others like the Shadow Warrior brigade.

If you guys can last a few years, I am sure you will be more popular than some of these newspapers.

free2Talk said...

I agree with Anon above.You should be in for the long haul.
I dont really know about the offtopic stuff but as far as i see you guys should really concentrate on Chindu and the rest of the ELM.

R said...

As anon said first, it is important that you guys dont tire yourself. May be, instead of expanding to include all other newspapers, you could choose one more -- say rogue no.2. I suggest the Outlook magazine! Then it's a weekly and you guys don't have to spend time every day -- weekends would be sufficient! That(outlook) is just a suggestion. I could help mailing you some stuff from Outlook as it appears.

socal said...

I see Modi calories speaking. Agree with the sentiment here, except that I would say keep targeting Chindu, supplement it with other stuff rarely, we can do without it. You can always ask readers to pitch in with observations with other ELM. Let's not forget that you almost shut off this blog in August this past yr. Above all, Chindu stands apart even among the ELM for its dogmatic putsch and needs your surgical eye.

Happy new yr. guys!

AGworld said...

Stick to Chindu.

Just as the media has a one point agenda -- vilify nationalists and glorify nehruvian stalinists and marxits, the response too should be issue based.

Also, think of your blog as a repository of focused information.

Anytime one needs examples -- on other fora -- of media hypocrisy, this should be the default "go to" site

keep it up guys!

:) said...

great job guys. please stick to Chindu only.

Hindu Fundamentalist said...

the initial intention when i started this blog was to create a one year repository of chindu's loyalties. after the initial objective was achieved, that big question was always hanging on my head - how long?

1. as you can imagine, this is a time-consuming activity, to be done on a daily basis. unlike the naxal editors, i dont get paid for it; nor is it related to my profession. i cant pursue this single-point agenda forever due to the simple reason that it is severely restricting on my intellect.

2. i have other *related* interests which i would like to pursue and write about. this blog cannot be the forum because i do not want to dilute the content.

3. i dont have any personal enmity towards chindu. in fact, as i mentioned earlier, i once used to hold it in very high esteem. i sincerely believe it can be redeemed.

4. after a point, it gets boring for us and the readers too. so do we indulge in caricature or post an occasional offtopic?

5. over the past few months, i saw a bunch of bloggers who are just as irritated as we(I and Andromeda) are with the elm and have started writing about it. this is where we see the opportunity.

if there are enough number of guys willing to contribute an article once in a week or two, we should be able to expand our scope to the larger elm(frankly, i dont see just the two of us taking on the might of the elm as a possibility).

what we would like to capture is the "community reaction to the left-leaning, right-bashing elm".

Anonymous said...

I suggest you continue your main focus on Anti-Hindu. We could include ELM on issue-based opinions/articles.

Pramod Biligiri said...

Hey! By sheer coincidence yesterday I was thinking of what CBCNN should be aiming for! I've been reading this site for a long time and link to it whenever I talk about the Hindu on my blog (

It's great to point out every flaw in the Hindu, but once the point is driven home after a few posts, isn't this just preaching to the choir?

Also, I've been watching 's coverage of Gujarat elections and their rantings against alleged media bias.

I don't agree with much on that blog, but they've been definitely effective in the blogosphere. They're even doing the Pragati magazine now.

So my suggestion is that you should definitely broaden your content. I don't know if you intend to keep media commentary as the main focus. Instead you can present your own viewpoints, analysis to counter perceived propaganda. That should raise the level of debate shouldn't it?

Aim for something like or It wouldn't hurt to have a forum where readers can post their own stories. Sites like and have thriving forums.

Anonymous said...

You would have noticed that a lot of us don't want to see you disappear the spindianexpress way. Take it easy guys, even if it means only 3 or 4 posts a week. But don't die. Be there for us.

Also, there are quite a few nationalist blogs out there. I wish someone can bring them together and consolidate a few of them. I somehow see commercial potential here - specially for the one who takes on ELM. People whose letters are not published will end up here in increasing numbers.

shrivathsa said...

i think we need to expand your work to other newspapers also, especially the toilet paper of India, TOI. i look fwd to working with you in case you come up with any suggestions. my mail ID is b[DOT]shrivathsa[AT]yahoo [DOT] com please contact me, as i have been doing something similar to your work.

pradeepkumar said...

Just thought of pointing out today's article in chindu by some Iyer, who as usual denigrates the whole of Gujarat and says that the psyche of Gujarat has changed to worse and not redeemable (whatever he was trying to say). Can some one advise this stupid Iyer to set his own home right before insulting an ENTIRE population of a state.
What if, in Gujarat, some news papers insult the entire state of tamilnadu?
when will chindu learn ?

Ankur said...

i would say go with the flow

B. Arun said...

I agree with anonymous that you should not waste your precious time by spending only about the Marxist toilet paper.

Concentrate on some other media too, but be careful that the focus remains on this toilet MountRoad Marxist Maoist Macualite Mullahite paper!