Saturday, January 05, 2008

Outlook 2008

A very (belated) happy new year to everyone.

Chindu had given us enough fodder in 2007- 490 to be precise. That is more than a post a day!
But 2008 promises to be a great year for Chindu. Here is a sneak preview of what Chindu will dish out in 2008.

The greatest event of this new year is going to be the Beijing Olympics. A bird tells me that Kasthuri building is temporarily shifting to Beijing to cover this "historic" event. You can expect a beefed up sports bureau covering the sporting events and comrade Pallavi & Co singing peans for matrubumi and telling us why the commonwealth games in Delhi will come a cropper in 2010. The Liar-in-Chief may choose to take his annual pilgrimage to coincide with the games and explain how Tibet has made rapid strides even in sports under Chinese occupation. And this will be a two part series.

Moving to the west, Ram must already be finding it hard to hide his glee over the prospect of Bush remitting office. Though US is evil, Bush is a greater evil and must be got rid off. You can expect some unabashed support for Hillary and just how Tare Zammen par was covered from Darsheel's perspective, Chindu would cover these elections from Hillary's perspective. Once a president gets elected., the editorial team will be back to US bashing.

Back home, there are elections to Rajastan, MP, Delhi and Chattisgarh. With the BJP ruling 3 of these states, our super intelligent Vidhya will tell us why the BJP will be routed in these elections. Madam Maino will take all credit and Chindu would want us to believe that Congress is strong enough to get a majority of its own in 2009. The Congress may get routed in Delhi, but the coverage will be such that no elections took place there!!

There is a state called Karnataka and there is nothing called a government at present there. You can expect Chindu to maintain a deafening silence on this issue. There will be no editorial demanding immediate elections to Karnataka. The later the elections , the better for the Congress and the JD(s). It is the BJP that will benefit if elections are held soon. When Chindu is convinced that the sympathy wave for the BJP has subsided, it will demand "immediate elections".

In neighbouring Tamil Nadu, if the DMK chief passes away, Chindu might declare a week long mourning. It will then make us believe that there can be no other person other than Stalin to fill in the void.

Throughout the year, you will get to know that the Left is gaining popularity all around the world(read Cuba and Venezuela). You will also be reminded that Modi is the worst politician ever. Even if Prakash Karat burps, it will find a mention at least in the "Briefly" column on the front page.If the ex-air hostess Brinda burps, the news will carry her picture too!
Last but not the least, you can expect a silent burial for the N deal.


Anonymous said...

Talking about Karnataka,it is interesting to recall that our RAm
dropped into Bengaluru a couple of months back to advise the JDS biggies against any rethink about aligning with the hindu fundamentalist BJP after there was some attempt at rapproachment between the secular JDS and hindu fundamentalist BJP .

socal said...

Just one hitch. Vidya will credit to Rahul baba. Madam Maino is past due date now. Rahul baba is in desperate need to get rid of failure tag.