Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Muslims are innocent: this time from Shahi Imam

The "Special Correspondent" who wrote this report could have been N.Ram or Praveen Swami. There is not much of a difference between this article and the editorials that they write with that extra bit of prose.

Muslims being over-represented in jails is a global phenomenon. In India they are significantly less when compared to global statistics. So, really Shahi Imam and his faithful followers in chindu should be asking why worldwide muslims are flooding the prisons. Shahi Imam or Praveen Swami blaming it on Hindu terrorists is pathetic attempt at deflecting the question.

The Hindu : National : Most of arrested Muslims are innocent: Shahi Imam


Anonymous said...

At least Mr. Praveen Swami should know better. After all, just after every terrorist strike Praveen Swami jumps in to give the complete profile of the suspect(s), with details such as the name of the suspect, the elementary school the suspect attended, his childhood buddies, his favourite food etc. And the readers of Chindu can easily guess from the details provided (by Praveen Swami) the identity of the "innocent" suspects.

And still the Imam protests.

Anonymous said...

Here is some news which neither Chindu nor the Imam is going to like:


"Delhi's Lajpat Nagar blast: Three get death sentence"

Fourteen years after a blast rocked Lajpat Nagar market killing 13 people and injuring 39, a session court on Thursday awarded the death sentence to three convicts. The fourth person convicted in connection with the blast was given the life sentence.

Mohd Naushad, Mirza Khan and Ali Bhat were sentenced to death in connection with the blast.
The innocents carried out the terrorist act 14 years ago, perhaps in anticipation of the "post-Godhra pogrom" and Narendra Modi becoming CM of Gujarat.