Sunday, April 25, 2010

TV channels cover BJP's price rally by "making people complain" about traffic jams

This is an example of the visceral hatred the media has towards BJP. The issue of price rise is a serious one what with the inflation of essential commodities staying at almost 20% for some time now. Over two lakh people attended the rally at a time when the mercury is pushing upwards of 44C. Nitin Gadkari fainted due to the heat. The price rise issue was close to the people and the rally in the heat was a brave effort by BJP. But it was almost blanked out by our media. Making people complain about traffic jams caused by the rally against price rise is really sick. It just goes to show the state of media in our country.

The Pioneer > Online Edition : >> Media missing the Indian agenda
While a trivial event like the IPL are sought to be covered with all seriousness, the serious issues of price rise and terrorism are sought to be treated as triviality. The television channels on Wednesday morning were busy “making people complain” about traffic jams caused by the rally.

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