Wednesday, April 14, 2010

More wild ass speculation

The eminent historians featured on the pages of chindu keep repeating that discredited theory on aryan invasion. If you care to read papers other than this rag publications, you will see that:
the Indus civilisation is being regarded as the Vedic civilization,
it is a continuous civilisation without any evidence of invasion,
the so-called dravidian civilization is the same as the vedic civilization.
But the dravidian parties want to propagate the myth of a separate identity. It has paid them rich political dividends so far. Now they are institutionalizing it through some awards too.
The Hindu : Opinion / Interviews : Deciphering the Indus script: challenges and some headway
Rigvedic hymns often speak of horses and horse-drawn chariots, and the horse sacrifice, ashvamedha, is among the most prestigious Vedic rites. The only wild equid native to the Indian subcontinent is the wild ass, which is known from the bone finds of the Indus Civilisation and depicted (though rarely) in its art and script. The domesticated horse is absent from South Asia until the second millennium BCE.


AGworld said...

Maybe the dravidians (sic) had ass-drawn carriages, and the aryans had horse drawn carriages.

So, as a result, the aryan invastion theory is true because horses are better than asses.

No? :-)

Dirt Digger said...

The researcher is one of those Goebellisian types who would "publish" finds as per the whims of the DMK or whoever pays him.
His research runs wildly against anything the scientific community has published so far.

Anonymous said...

lol.... If they would have thought of elephants instead of horses the direction of virtual invasion would have been totally different :-)...