Wednesday, April 21, 2010

From Praveen Swami, with hate

The Hindu : Opinion / Leader Page Articles : To Bangalore, with hate
In 2002, a drunken New Year's fight in the beach village of Marad sparked off violence that lasted a year, claiming thirteen lives. Hundreds of Muslim families fled the area.
Praveen Swami has given a nice little twist to the Marad massacre to put the blame on Hindus and claim Muslim victimhood as the cause of jihadi terrorism. But the real culprits in Marad massacre are Cong govt and Muslim league. You can read a more detailed report at the below link from Indian Express. :: Kerala sits on riot report indicting Cong govt, Muslim League
Marad erupted again, much more violently, at sunset on May 2, 2003. Armed men chopped and hacked eight Hindu fishermen to death on the beach. One assailant was reportedly hacked by mistake in the melee. The killers then escaped into the local Juma Masjid.

The commission’s report notes the submission of then Kozhikode Police Commissioner T K Vinod Kumar that hundreds of local Muslim women converged on the mosque to prevent the police from entering it to catch the killers.
The link between Nazar and Marad is too weak and is just a wild speculation. But what prompted Nasir to seek jihad in 1991? "Er, he was planning ahead for retaliating against the Babri demolition", Praveen Swami would say is my guess.
For all the technological investments in intelligence made since the November 2008 carnage in Mumbai, the attacks in Pune and Bangalore have made clear that the police are yet to penetrate the jihadist cells responsible for the terror offensive from 2005 onwards — a failure that bodes ill for the future.
It is the same guy, Praveen Swami, who was saying that the police should spend their time investigating Hindutva terror groups. May be, this idiot thinks that the police can penetrate jihadist cells by investigating Hindutva terror groups. Such is the twisted logic of secularism.


Xinhua Ram said...

Praveen Swami trying hard for a promotion.

Raghu said...

Again, as in the case of N.Ram, Praful Bidwai, Siddharth Varadarajan etc, we need to analyse and know what makes these individuals think in this manner. With regard to the Maoist menace, it is amazing to see people with the best educational background with the most twisted attitudes supporting this cause.To be totally perverse and deliberately obtuse you need to have a wholly different mindset. The level of indoctrination is stupendous.

Gandaragolaka said...

I wonder if this guy praveen swami is on twitter, for our man Sudhir to take on :)