Sunday, April 11, 2010

Monkey can be a friend to fighting cats

China's friendship overtures to India and Pakistan reminds me of the old story of how the monkey tried to demonstrate its friendship to two cats.
The monkeys working in cHindu however conveniently deleted the source of this new propaganda. They said,
a leading State-run newspaper on Sunday said an ‘Asia century' will remain only a dream until the two giants treat each other with mutual trust and respect. China wants to build close ties with India like that of its “all-weather friendship” with Pakistan and if Beijing could become the “mutual friend of the Asian rivals” it could contribute more to regional peace and stability

India should tell the writer of the article to find a nice high cliff and jump off it at his/her convenience.
Such rubbish can only be published at your local Chennai based Chinese National Newspaper.


kuttychathan said...

DD... The writer should take LIC along with him/her, when he goes to 'find a nice high cliff and jump off it at his/her convenience.'

Yojimbo said...

Haha - Very funny guy is Mr Kuttychathan...Well perhaps in which case India should also stop begging China to support it for a seat in the Security Council...