Friday, April 16, 2010

Banning criticism of Islam

Continuing with our tradition of selective freedom of speech, our government and courts decide to stifle criticism of Islam. A historic precedent was set with The Calcutta Quran Petition. The full book is available online here.

Expect secular silence from our left-lib warriors of free speech.
The Hindu : News / National : Supreme Court declines to interfere with book ban order
The Supreme Court on Friday declined to interfere with a judgment of the Bombay High Court upholding the ban imposed by the Maharashtra government on a book on Muslims authored by an advocate, claiming that the book brought lesser-known aspects of Islam before the public eye.


kutychathan said...

HF...the truth is that, even courts are afraid of the Jehadis. The mad mullahs will incite their faithfuls during their 'Quthba' speeches. Then, the properly incited faithfuls will set the courts on fire. And our secularists will blame the courts for putting Islam in grave danger. Because secularism in India means sucking up to Mullahs. Because our secularists get handsome dole-outs from Gulf countries.

By the way... the chindu is rather sedate for the last few days. Its Mullah-Marxist-Mao agenda is missing. What happened? I have one explanation. LIC and Malooni have left for the cooler climes of Western Europe, to escape the scalding summer heat of Chennai, leaving chindu in the keep of professional journalists, at the desk.

Xinhua Ram said...


"We (Tibetans) want to save lives. They (Hans) see this tragedy as an opportunity to make propaganda.”

Our LiC has been doing this kinda propaganda tirelessly.

Anonymous said...

Chindu has got unlimited capacity to carry out propaganda on behalf of mainland China.

"Doing science in a new way"

In yesterday's editorial, Chief Ram(or whoever who wrote the piece), starts with a bit of praise for Bharat:

"The recent successful mapping of the Mycobacterium tuberculosis (TB) genome by the Council of Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR) Team India Consortium with Global Partnership has shown a novel way to do science in the Internet era."

But, the editor can not conceal Chindu's urge to be condescending towards Bharat and dish out sky-high praise for China. So, the unsolicited advice:

"Here India can learn from China. The BGI, which used to be known as the Beijing Genomics Institute before it moved its headquarters to Shenzhen in 2007, offers a possible answer to the question of harnessing the large talent pool that may otherwise go waste."

And supporitve evidence (even if it comes from the capitalist West) is on hand:

"A recent editorial and a news feature in Nature looked at the possibility of China becoming the world leader in genome sequencing, thanks to the BGI model."

Of course, this is not the first that Chindu directs Bharat to look towards China for guidance and mentoring.

Raghu said...

It is not fear of the jihadis (as suggested in the comments section) but the political inclinations of the judiciary that is the culprit.

Hindu Fundamentalist said...

the fear of jehadis and islamist rage boys is relevant. wasn't there an attack on the judges in u.p. last year when the case against some jehadis was going on. the jihadis tried to intimidate the judges through terrorist attacks.

our secular establishment supports the violent jehadis and terrorises the peaceful hindus.