Sunday, April 18, 2010

cHindu's Readers Editor - wasting ink and newsreel

I'm probably one of the last to criticize this current cHindu's Readers editor. But reading the weekly articles, shows the RE's lack of understanding of what the Reader's editor is about. Giving his opinion on complex medical issues is not the larger focus of the column. Contrast that to The Guardian's Reader's Editor, the pieces are kept to the point focusing on journalistic practices of the newspaper, commenting on the opinions of the reader offering clarifications.


Sudhir said...


Actually the latest article does not follow his own pattern. Almost every article for the past 15 weeks or so ended with him talking about the role of media, and then "analysing" the role (sometimes "leading", at times "exemplary" :D) in about 1-2 lines.

Sadly, this time he has't talked about the role of the media and cHindu at the end. I am so disappointed that the chose not to follow his pattern so that the readers are "enlightened".

The RE should revert back to his old style. Pick an issue. Write a harangue. End it with lecturing on media's role and praising cHindu. I demand it!

- Sudhir

PS: For readers interest, here's a discussion I had with N.Ram on the RE.

Pilid said...


Excellent point. This readers' editor seems much less interested in journalistic practices and far more in substantive issues which one would normally expect to lie outside the scope of the job. When he has strong views about a particular question, he is not going to be any different from the Chief Editor and can hardly be expected to make the sort of judgments the previous readers' editor used to make.

I suppose his lengthy articles on issues also has something to do with the fact that the paper has a paucity of regular columnists who dwell on substantive questions.

Sudhir said...

Pilid - One more important thing to look at is that the previous RE was quite vocal at times on issues of coverage, letters to editor, and would also discuss readers concerns. Whether we agree with them or not is a different story, but the RE atleast bought to light many concerns. Apart from the daily "clarifications" section, we looked forward to the monday columns of RE.

However, it is my strong belief that N.Ram was not happy with the RE taking way too independent a stance compared to the newspaper. Hence the total contrast in this RE's articles.

Not to sound self boasting :), but I'd recommend to go through my conversation with N.Ram on this issue on twitter. It was pretty evident that he wants the RE to not criticize the paper or discuss readers issues much!

Link here:

Hindu Fundamentalist said...

that is a good conversation you had with n.ram. is it ok to cross post it on this blog?

Sudhir said...

HF - Sure, no problem :)


kuttychathan said...

Friends... What else did you expect when Ram made his cook's assistant, the new reader's editor.

Anonymous said...

True, many of us tend to think that the new RE is nothing more than a columnist.