Sunday, April 25, 2010

V.R.Krishna Iyer asking Hinduism to follow Christianity

This is an obnoxious article by that senile V.R.Krishna Iyer. If Sabarimala and Tirupati do not have the funds to provide adequate facilities to the devotees it is because their finances are managed by the government. And these are among the richest religious places in the world. Whereas our government does not interfere in the administration of churches and mosques.

V.R.Krishna Iyer, who has given the example of Sai Baba, must be knowing that many of the services provided by this organization are by the tireless labour offered by the faithful. If Sabarimala and Tirupati and several other Hindu temples are not able to follow this model, it is because they do not have control over administration. It is managed by our "secular" government. But V.R.Krishna Iyer comes up with an astoundingly stupid suggestion for Hinduism to follow the example of Christianity. Our Editor-in-Chief, N.Ram, who is a christian by injection, did not think it necessary to edit this piece.
The Hindu : Opinion / Op-Ed : Religious places and alms-seeking
Many churches are built by the tireless labour offered for free by the faithful. Hinduism can follow that example.


Anonymous said...

n 1897, Vivekanada remarked in a public address – Was there ever a sillier thing before in the world than what I saw in Malabar? The poor ‘Paraiah’ is not allowed to pass through the same street as the high caste man, but if he changes his name to hodge-podge English name or to a Mohamedan name, it is alright. What inference would you draw except that these Malabaris are all lunatics, their homes so many lunatic asylums and they are to be treated with derision by every race in India until they mend their manners and know better. Shame upon them that such wicked and diabolical customs are allowed.

Has Justice VR K Iyer read this?
Justiec VRK Iyer should go thru this web site and all the bks for alternative history of Christianity
and Avro Manhattans bks below.

Anonymous said...

Nowhere in the Article does Mr. Krishan Iyer ask Hinduism to follow Christianity.The comment is out of context and is not based on the facts pointed out in the article.

Anonymous said...

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