Thursday, November 12, 2009

When Liars and Hypocrites get awards- LiC gets KR Narayanan award

Thanks to reader Sudhir for pointing this out.
It pains me to see journalism awards being handed out to petty hypocrites and liars. Like the Indian movie scene where deserving portrayals rarely get awards, the KR Narayanan award was given to Hon. LiC.
Justice K. Narayana Kurup, former acting Chief Justice of the Madras High Court, said Mr. Ram had been selected for the honour in view of his excellence in journalism. “It is for highlighting the problems of the ethnic Tamils in Sri Lanka through a series of articles, fostering better relations between India and China, and for sensitising the readers of The Hindu to the hazards of climate change and global warming,”

Lets look at the reasons:
  • Problems of ethnic Tamils - LiC sucked up to Lankan Prez and modern Hitler, skipped most of the problems until the war was over.
  • Fostering relations between India and China - If sucking up to one's master (China) and defending them to the level of treason against one's nation is called "fostering better relations".
  • Hazards of climate change - If publishing a few articles from the Guardian is called "senstising the readers to the hazards of climate change"

This award spits at the work done by former President KR Narayanan and disrespects his integrity to social and political life by giving it to a hypocrite.


Venkat Ramanan said...

Don't we know how award recipients get *selected* in India??

Karthik said...

Its like awarding Hitler nobel peace prize.Shameless bastards. I don't when the public wakes up to boycott this traitors paper.

Anonymous said...

Award in the name of KR Narayanan, then it must be one great award. If KR Narayanan was anything at the time of his death, it was only because of his dalit background and nothing else. He was not even a third rated intellectual that we mostly see in India (the bengal-based, JNU-educated painters, artists, actors, economists, historians, etc). He made his living only by sucking upto the so-called socialists. At this rate, it is far for our strategic affairs editor Siddhardh to get a similar prize.

Nandini Sundar

Dirt Digger said...

Thanks for your comments. The nomination is like the Filmfare awards ;) only hit movies and sycophants need apply.

Dirt Digger said...

The hitler analogy is apt. We are trying to wake up the public.
Keep up the support and let your friends know as well.

Dirt Digger said...

Nandini Sundar,
Thanks for your comments. While there are questions about his contributions, he had far more integrity than the person getting the award.

CodeNameV said...

I was talking to my father on the same issue. We had nice laugh. The name of the award itself is a big bogey and we all know why!

BTW DD, u read this

Leave out the Vandemataram part which is very much ok. But even they seem to be afraid of getting branded unsecular. So they add "This was an indirect attempt to keep Muslim students away from mainstream education, the leaders said. “[this] is exactly what Hindutva forces want. It will not only keep the community backward, but would also discourage Muslims from taking to education for the fear of unnecessarily losing ‘Islamic values’. We condemn it in the strongest manner and appeal to Muslims not to heed to such ill-advised moves."

I was splits in laughter after reading this. The moronic comments of the emminent Muslims is like taking the pill for TB while suffering from Jaundice!