Thursday, November 12, 2009

When genocide becomes riots

Contrast this with N.Ram's approach to Gujarat riots, repeatedly calling it a pogrom. But what the whole world considers as cultural genocide of Tibetans, N.Ram thinks otherwise. He justifies the act of the Chinese perpetrators, and blames the Tibetan victims as savage, violent, thuggish, ransacking mobs.
Indian journalist tells Tibet's reality, slaps separatists' lies - People's Daily Online
In an interview with Xinhua on the sidelines of a two-day forum on development of Tibet, Narasimhan Ram, editor-in-chief of the Hindu and Group publications, said the separatists told lies about Tibet to the world.

They told lies not only concerning the death toll in the March 14 riots in 2008, but also concerning the real purpose of the Dalai Lama's remarks of not seeking for independence, he said.

"However, as the evidence on the nature of the riots piled up, the realization dawned that it was too much to expect any legitimate government of a major country to turn the other cheek to such savagery and such a breakdown of public order," he said.

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Uighurs 'disappeared' in crackdown

Dozens of ethnic Uighurs, including several children, remain unaccounted for more than three months after China launched a crackdown on ethnic unrest in the country's far west, a human right group has said.