Thursday, November 05, 2009

cHindu parrots Chinese li(n)es on Brahmaputra dam

A kid often believes whatever outlandish tale its parent tells it. Subservient employees believe whatever their master(s) inform them. cHindu is a newspaper in the service of one cause, parrot the views of the Chinese Government without question. Its lapdog attitude is one of the worst among a stable of media outlets in India serving various special interests as it goes to question the veracity of its own country.
In an article, China reassures India on dam projects by Ananth Krishnan the same old story is retold.
“China is a responsible country and will not do anything to damage the interests of others,” Foreign Ministry spokesperson Ma Zhaoxu said when asked about China’s plans to build dams on the Brahmaputra, or the Yarlung-Tsangpo as it is known in Tibet. The river flows 1,625 km in Tibet before it enters India.

The entire article reeks of cow manure about how China's planned approaches of building dams over rivers feeding water to India will not in any way impact India's water needs. How does Ananth help the Chinese Govt. make their case? Testimony from "experts" who claim that the dams would not impact India's supply in any way. Note that there is no elaboration on who these "experts" are, what are their credentials.
But then again cHindu has no use for qualified experts to elaborate anything on India's interests.
The interesting point is the Indian minister P.K.Bansal's brain cramped statement,
He said while run of the river projects were China’s right to pursue, India’s concern was there should not be diversion in existing flow exceeding 79 BCM (billion cubic metres). “There is no evidence of any such diversion so far,”

With ministers like these who needs enemies?


Anonymous said...

doesnt the article quote the minister? besides, dont encourage this stupid alarmism on the dams and be responsible. the diversion is a worry, and a huge worry at that -- the hydropower project is not. anyone who is rational, and doesnt have an agenda, knows what a run of the river project is. so stop shrieking.

I, Me, Myself ! said...

Cow Manure! LOLLL

- Sudhir