Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Mao, who?

I find the below image (courtesy: outlook) quite disturbing. Here are these tribals venerating a figure they barely know, and fighting a war they hardly understand. Mao had only hatred for India and the maoist struggle is aimed at dismembering India for Mao's country to come and gobble it up. The tribals are dispensable foot soldiers in a war being legitimized by Leftist jholawallas and the ELM.

Below is an excerpt from an IntelliBriefs post on Mao:

A 1974 poem by Mao Zedong displays the scorn with which China viewed India. The poem is like this:
The tiger avers its head,
The tattered lion grieves,
The bear flaunts its claws,
Riding the back of the cow,
The moon torments the sun,
The pagoda gives forth light,
Disaster comes to birth,
The olive is seen waving.

John W Garver explains, what Mao meant by this poem was that the tiger
was the United states, the lion the Great Britain, the bear the Soviet
Union, the moon the Islamic countries of West Asia, the sun the rich
countries of the West, the pagoda the Vietnamese revolutionary
struggle, and its light the prospect of imminent victory. A pagoda
giving forth light is a common Chinese literary smile indicating good
fortune. The phrase disaster comes to birth referred to Mao’s dictum
that either revolution would prevent war or war would lead to
revolution, while the olive branch referred to the people’s desire for
peace. The cow was India, which, according to Mao, has no talents and
is only food or for people to ride and for pulling carts. The cow could
starve to death if its master did not give it grass to eat. And even
though this cow may have great ambitions, they are futile.

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