Monday, November 02, 2009

Kashmiri separatism

The root cause of Kashmiri separatism is well-known. Oh well, why name the obvious? We also get ourselves worked up over other countries fomenting or supporting the separatist tendencies. Recently, China has taken the Kashmiri cause, along with Arundhati and other concerned citizens. Yes, the same flash mob that grabs the spotlight whenever any terrorist life is threatened by the course of law. That.

Here's a sample, in secular Telegraph (the real one from UK is the communal Telegraph, any liberal worth his salt will tell you). Ignore the name of the reporter for a moment. Just follow the report and its wordings.

Starting with the title itself:
"Staple Grounds Kashmir Scientist"
Huh?! I have never heard of a Tamil, Telugu, Bengali or Marathi scientist for that matter. Even the NRI fella who won the nobel is recognized as Indian-origin scientist. The poor gent was so PO'ed, he had to write a whole op-ed chastising the seculars trying to rub themselves in his Nobel gold dust.

This one, Romshoo, though, is a "Kashmiri" scientist. Recourse to victimhood, but of course, follows obviously. The valley society has made it into an art form. Right from extracting money from Narayana Murthy for earthquakes, to making rubbish claims about reparations for a terrorist-friendly county-level cricketer getting nabbed by the police, their society is knee deep into exploiting its supposed victimhood.

He claims, "[he] was virtually offloaded," by the immigration authorities.

Oye Romshoo, will you load yourself on El Al if Israel were not to recognize the Palestinian Authority?

But look at the nastiness of the journo:
"China disputes the citizenship of Kashmiris holding Indian passports and issues visas on a separate document that Indian immigration authorities refuse to accept."[emphasis added]
Sounds very much like Tibetans holding Indian passports or some such legitimate refugee group given asylum and the succor of national identity. There is NO Kashmiri citizenship. They are Indians--and I say this with some sadness--holding Indian passports.

But Romshoo takes the charade further:
“The issue is adversely affecting business and career prospects of hundreds of Jammu and Kashmir citizens,” Romshoo said.
Again, "Jammu and Kashmir citizens." Such chutzpah, from a thankless scientist of a wretched society that survives on the generous subsidies of Indians no less! Ah, the nerve of these ingrates.

And this is published in a supposedly national daily?! Seriously, why bother the Chinese or the prickly Scandinavians when you cannot put your own house in order.

But then again, it's a clever distraction from the failures of the secular state. Hell, it works.

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