Saturday, November 28, 2009

Should India help Pakistan?

Here is another Pakistani negotiating with a gun held to his own head.

An apparently stable Pakistan waged three wars against India. The failing Pakistani state is sponsoring terrorism in India. It is not much of a choice. But it makes more sense for India to spend its money securing its borders in order to minimize the effects of spillover of a disintegrating Pakistani state. If there is an opportune moment for India to intervene, it is when the civil society revolts against the jihadis.

Today the very idea for the foundation of Pakistan has become its destabilizing factor. The same ideology has been threatening India. If there is a common enemy for India and Pakistan, it is this ideology. The author lectures India on how it should help Pakistan but dare not mention this ideology which masquerades more respectably as religion.

The Hindu : Opinion / Leader Page Articles : India & Pakistan: case for common defence
India’s best protection is likely to come from its traditional enemy, the Pakistan Army. Therefore, India ought to help now, not fight against it.


Dirt Digger said...

When I read this article the first time I thought this was some April fools joke. Then I realised we are far from 1/4/2010.
The craziness of Communist intellectuals to avoid seeing Pakistan for the nest of snakes it is and putting on rose colored lenses to have a view that is treasonous in any other nation.

CodeNameV said...

I read this one first thing in the morning. I dont know exactly what is the wrong with this parvez. We all know what is wrong with the other parvez. He is asking for help but on "his conditions". Last time I learnt about getting help, conditions were laid by the one who was helping but not the one who was being helped. I guess that shows exactly how Pakistan looks at India. Pak must be looking at India as a country who cant do anything but oblige whatever they request, thanks to Mummy (read the land of opportunities). Well, for me, we should strengthen our border security and get ready for the upcoming avalanche of disasters. Pakistan asked for this 60 years ago when a lot of non-intellectuals in our country could see the future and tried hard to stop this. During the same time, intellectuals in the country were busy sorting out how should the ceremonial parade of gaurds be conducted. Now India cant do anything about this.