Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Double standards on chauvinism

cHindu in its article hits the nail on the head when it exposes the Raj Thackeray lead gang of goons called MNS as a chauvinist group. The recent example of attacking an MLA for taking oath in Hindi being the tail of the long list of such actions.
The great pity is that this provocative act of linguistic chauvinism seems to have won the approval of significant sections of the Marathi-speaking population, especially young people, across the State.

What is missing though is the similar approach to the Sheila Dixit lead Congress Govt. In recent times Delhi has shown numerous incidents of violence towards outsiders more specifically to members from the North eastern provinces. They are Indians as Sheila Dixit is. The media has chosen to bat a blind eye towards these atrocities happening with the tacit approval of Madame Dixit.

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