Saturday, September 13, 2008

Tragedy strikes again in New Delhi

I was saddened to hear that lots of civilians were killed/injured during yesterday's blasts in New Delhi. There are a few photos from the gruesome incident which reiterates the fact that these militants will not show any mercy. It is sad that our leaders do not show any semblance of righteous anger and back it up with action to take on Islamist terrorism

Will Chindu ever wake up and see the reality? Will it go back and defend the terrorists giving some idiotic statements about socio-economic realities?
More importantly will the Government take any action and shake off its impotency towards terrorists?


Anonymous said...

I don't usually comment on Bollywood movies but I wonder if you have seen Dhaoka.

The movie seemed to justify terrorism. It portrayed the terrorists as acting out of some personal extreme injustice done to them by the Indian Government.

The female suicide bomber had been raped by Indian Police Officers after they killed her father. The other terrorist in the movie was her bother.

I am certainly not saying that people don't suffer such extreme personal injustices but I do believe that it doesn't really reflect the profile of most terrorists.

If the villains who did this bombing are caught I am almost positive that you would not find any extreme unjustice in their background. Sure they would feel some general sense of "unjustice" done to "their people" but as for something personal happening to them or a family member like in Dhoka, you most likely will not find that. That has been the case in Israel with the suicide bombers there. Usually there was no personal injustice done to them except for a more general sense of victimhood. It wasn't because the bomber was raped or father killed or child was killed, etc, etc.

What bothers me is as long as terrorists are falsely portrayed as victims as they were in this movie, Indians will not have the necessary focus needed to defeat this evil.

Dirt Digger said...

I have not seen the film. But coming from Pooja Bhatt/Mahesh Bhatt noted minority supporters I do not find it surprising.
"If the villains who did this bombing are caught I am almost positive that you would not find any extreme unjustice in their background."
That is true and has been proved with most of the Indian bombings. There are 3 general types of terrorists:
1. The infiltrator types who are imports from other countries.
2. The revenge types who like the girl in the film or Dil Se want to take revenge by killing civilians
3. The brain washed types like the perpetrators of the Jaipur, Bangalore blasts who do what their religious masters tell them to.

Anonymous said...

Chindu and cohorts will declare, by way of justification, that these jihadi bombers feel "alienated". As for the human rights wallahs the innocent dead are not humans and so expendable (only the bombers can be victims, as they are fighting against the unjust state). Chindu and the secular brigade are as much responsible, if not more, for this perverted state of affairs.

Dirt Digger said...

Chindu defends the activities of human rights groups protesting against Govt. acts against terrorists in this article here.
Chindu would not want the government to:
a. arrest anyone based on suspicion.
b. conduct encounters.
c. spy on suspects
d. follow legal process to catch and prosecute terrorists.
This sort of analysis by paralysis without understanding terrorism is the root cause of the success of terrorists.

Anonymous said...

It is unfortunate that this article defending the dubious human rights orgs should appear immediately after the Delhi blasts, that too written by the daughter of late Field Marshal Maneckshaw.

Hemant said...

Bhatts are (in)famous for their dhimmi propaganda!

Hemant said...

In addition, there are many such hindi (?) movies like Dil Se, etc

Shankar said...

pSecular media's response:

Day of the Bombings:
Blame the Home Minister and the police

Hold RSS, BJP and Modi responsible

Assert that Muslims are the real victims and taking suspects into custody affirms this belief.

B Shantanu said...

Now watch the drama unfold:


Anonymous said...

Trust Praveen Swami to come out with the life-history/biography of the chief terrorist mastermind of the Delhi blasts, with details such as where the fellow went to school, who his boyhodd buddies are, what made him turn anti-Indian (alienation, injustic, humiliation suffered) etc. etc.

Chindu's ace jihadi terrorism expert is really a treasure house of jihdi purana. Wonder why the Delhi sarkar doesn't turn to him for help with precious details.

Anonymous said...