Monday, September 22, 2008

Countering Islamic terrorism - II

This post is a continuation of the earlier post Countering Islamic terrorism.
As my fellow blogger rightly said,
Khare must be the face of Chindu's journalistic stupidity.

There are several instances in this article alone where Khare exhibits: journalistic ignorance, blatant majority baiting, lack of common sense and a big ego, to overcompensate for a lack of some other muscle, to write his thoughts in an ignorant passage he calls, a coherent anti-terror framework
Reading his tenets, exposes his lack of understanding of what terrorism is and a feeble mind incapable of putting forth ideas to tackle them.
Lets review a few samples,
First, the state is supreme and it can and will make equal demands on all citizens

That means no group is entitled to claim a right to redress through violent means perceived grievances or injustices

Or this nugget,
Once a consensus is forged on the elements of fight against terror, the citizens, across communities and faiths, will learn to see through the politician’s designs, and only then will we be able to discover ways and means of escaping the small politician’s smallness

small politician’s smallness
Now who really is paying you to write such ignorant crap?
The entire tenets are too generic, totally irrelevant to the problem (other than showing a secular agenda) and have no roadmap or any actions either from the state or the public to handle the terrorists and their agenda.
While you and your secular friends are walking the court houses demanding justice from the terrorists, hundreds of thousands will be blown up in their neighborhoods, schools, hospitals, places of worship etc.

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