Monday, September 22, 2008

Countering Islamic terrorism

Khare must be the face of Chindu's journalistic stupidity.

Within the same week, a handful of brave men of the Delhi Police were able to gun down at least two alleged terrorists;

The two alleged terrorists were affable people peacefully practicing their religion when the fame-seeking policeman barged in and performed the self-immolation ritual of shooting oneself.

the encounter even produced a hero.

As if by way of a rite of collective catharsis, our mass media spent considerable time in saluting and remembering Inspector Mohan Chand Sharma, the slain hero in the face-off at Batla House in Jamia Nagar. The “encounter” itself has been designated, by a section of the media, as avenging the previous Saturday’s perfidy, perhaps with a hint of a suggestion that the scores are even between the Indian State and the driven merchants of death.

As a journalist, Khare must have done some basic research. So he must be aware of Sharma's past (thanks to girish for the link).
Sharma, who is survived by his wife and two young children, had won seven gallantry medals including a President's medal this year. He joined Delhi Police as a sub-inspector in 1989 and was instrumental in the killing of 35 terrorists and the arrest of another 80 militants, police sources claimed, adding he had killed 40 inter-state gangsters and arrested another 129.
Sharma was a hero even when Chindu has been using a broad brush over the years to paint all policemen as villians. Khare is giving the impression that Sharma's act of valor is a selfish attempt at stardom. He reiterates this by doubting the veracity of the encounter.

... when the terrorists strike next. And, they will. And when they do, they will have the collusive support of the mass media in instilling a sense of insecurity, fear and anger in the citizens. And, once again, the Narendra Modis and the L.K.Advanis will feel vindicated in their poisonous catechism and will gleefully look forward to commandeering a scared electorate into voting them to power.

This is not the first time we are seeing Chindu announce emphatically that the terrorists will strike again. Is this some kind of fatalism that we Indians must resign to? Why does Chindu not begin by asking the tough question: what must be done to make sure there is not another terrorist attack in India? The answer probably points in the direction what N.Ram has prescribed for stopping terrorist attacks in Pakistan -- hard decisions:
- countering the common, unifying religion-based (Religion of Peace) world view of the various terrorist outfits
- elimination of madrassa-based groups,
- government determination in fighting terrorism


Dirt Digger said...

Thanks for hitting the nail on the head, Khare is indeed the prince of idiots.
People should write to the Chindu demanding his resignation or for him to be fired.
However the initial questions are followed by his 'coherent anti-terror framework'.
Such ignorant secular pricks are the reason why the common Indian citizen is getting blown up in his own neighborhood.

Anonymous said...

ignorant secular pricks. makes my day.

Terrorism, bomb blasts, none of that is a problem for the ignorant secular prick. Scared voters will now vote for the BJP. That is his problem.