Tuesday, September 02, 2008

N.Ram loyal to the Kashmiri separatist

N.Ram wants to take the credit for being the first person to identify the "genocide" of Kashmiri muslims. Bravo! A cruel irony that the real victims of genocide are projected as aggressors.

"Economic blockade" was a canard spread by the separatists. Karan "sudden removal" Thapar got cornered while trying to propogate this. N.Ram writes eloquently about the blockade to his faithful legion and draws dubious conclusions from it. Below, he suggests opening up of Srinagar-Muzaffarabad road - an option violently being followed by the separatists.

LiC, from the southern comforts in Chennai, lends support to the secessionists by swallowing their propaganda and regurgitating their demands.

The Hindu : Opinion / Editorials : The way forward in J&K
Many steps remain to be taken if the fears — real and imagined — feeding violence in Kashmir are to be stilled. Islamists in Kashmir have stoked concerns that the disruption of commercial traffic along the Jammu-Srinagar highway by Hindutva groups is the prelude to a larger ‘genocidal’ campaign. New Delhi could re-establish its bona fides by persuading Islamabad to open the Srinagar-Muzaffarabad road for cross-Line of Control trade.


Anonymous said...

Beautiful, hard hitting, well written post!! This is what we want, keep 'em coming!

Anonymous said...

As usual, Chief got his periodical booster shot of by bashing "Hindu chauvinism", an unwarranted comment directed against folks just agitating for the use of a plot of land within the territorial limits of the country for pilgrimage. His concern is more towards the pro-Paki Kashmiri fatcats and parasites.

Besides, Chief had to swollow the bitter fact that "Kashmiriyaat", the pet slogan of the pseudo-secular liberals, has been exposed as just hollow, as shown by the Kashmiri (Muslim) intolerance towards granting a piece of land for the yatris.

Shantanu said...

Great post...

Someone else has been talking about genocide in Kashmir:


possibly around the same time as Sh Ram.