Friday, September 05, 2008

Burkha Dutt vs Arun Shourie

Arun Shourie teaches Burkha Dutt a few things on journalism.

hattip: anonymous comment on this blog. what is with using a name so that we can acknowledge properly. i am desisting from disabling anonymous comments.

Burkha Dutt's acts of foolishness continue (there is a popular story about how she was responsible for the death of two soldiers in Kargil war through her "journalism of courage"). At about 8 mins into the video, Arun Shourie asks if journalists actually make the effort to read the text themselves or just go around asking people for sound bites. His question on the use of adjectives is also very valid.


Anonymous said...

Thank God, very few Americans listen to Marxists before voting.

Pilid said...

Barkha Dutt has even written on the deal in the Hindustan Times claiming that though neither she nor by extension, the middle class, understand the deal, they believe instinctively that the Left is wrong and Manmohan is right!

Bhranthan said...

Dear HF,

After all, what's in a name :-)
In fact I had posted those two comments as anon regarding Shourie Vs. Barkha. Thanks for finding the right link and posting here!

Another thing I noted is, whenever Barkha addresses Arun Shourie, she repeatedly adresses "Mr. Shourie", but Cohen is "Dr. Cohen" always. And Manmohan Singh is always "Dr. Singh". I am surprised. Arun Shourie has a proper PhD degree in Economics from Syracuse. Are they trying to hide this fact by repeatedly addressing him as Mr. Shourie, I wonder! I know, after all what is in a title?! But you know... for the general public it matters...!

Regarding the deal, another good interview is here in rediff -- interview with Yashwant Sinha

Anonymous said...

Talking about "doctors", the Angrezi media will be only too pleased to learn that the Univ. of Madras has made Mataji a "doctor". If and when Mataji appears in a talk show/interview Burkha, Sagarika and co. can call her "Dr." to their heart's content. Of course, it is no wonder that these half baked journos feel uncomfortable to address Arun Shourie by his PhD title, as in their opinion Shourie is not "intellectual" enough to merit his doctorate, by virtue of his belonging to the "right"!

Basavaraj Vannur said...

One common thing among all the English news channels hosts is that they never give any time to others to speak.

And they are quite independent use the words they like - Sagarika Ghose coining a new word "Hindu Militant" in her blog.

I am happy that Dr.Arun Shourie questioned Barkha Datta.

These people need to study facts before they report or speak.

Their one USP is they can shout loundly in a discussion be it Barkha Dutt or Rajdeep Sardesai.

reason said...

It is possible Shourie prefers not to be addressed 'Dr.'. He does not believe in eminences and spends a life time fighting them, and it is possible he figures he can do it on his own terms without flaunting his own academic credentials.

do the channels address rev. valsan thampu 'Dr'.? that doctorate was an interesting story.

Anonymous said...

May be there is a need for an NPT on honorary "Dr." degrees. With the proliferation of "Universities" in TN, suddenly there seems to be an exponential increase in the number of "doctorates" awarded (or traded?).