Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Delayed US visa humilates an editor

Haidar Hussain, Editor of Asomiya Pratidin, alleged that the U.S. Embassy took longer to clear his visa since he was from the minority community. “For the first time I felt that I am a Muslim. Never before in my life, I felt so much humiliation. I have been working for peace and communal harmony since my student days,” he said.

When did visa processing delays become humiliation. There is another person with the same name who is a terrorist. The delay could be because of the name and not religion. Or it could just be a procedural delay. If it were so insulting to be kept waiting and if Mr.Haidar Hussain is so convinced that it is because of his muslim identity, I am waiting to hear Mr.Hussain speak against the mindless violence perpetrated by his co-religionists in the name of religion.


Anonymous said...


see how unabashedly the deal is about american business now. Now rewind and think thru all the lies propped up, including some that found support from some bloggers on this blog too.

Hindu Fundamentalist said...

unlike chindu which ruthlessly censors any dissenting opinion, we try to keep this blog a democratic forum.

i am convinced that the nuclear deal is about american business interests. just as the american politcal establishment lobbied hard for the dhabol power project, they are doing it now for the nuclear deal. when dabho fell through, it brought enron down along with it. a failed nuclear deal would have meant a death knell for the dollar with a major impact on the american economy.
there is congress' fiscal irresponsibility but it is interesting to watch the fall of rupee against the dollar as the nuclear deal gained momentum. cant read much into it tough as the real impact of the nuclear deal will be felt a few years from now.

Pilid said...

American business interests are no doubt a vital element of this deal. That does not necessarily make it bad for India.