Thursday, September 04, 2008

Chindu supports denial of fundamental rights in Orissa

Orissa one of the more silent Indian states has been in the news recently with the killing of the Hindu seer Lakshmanananda and the following riots targeting Christian properties.
Chindu has paid little attention to the root cause of the issue beyond giving its sermons on protection of minority rights.
The Chindu decides to take gloat when Praveen Togadia's (VHP) yatra carrying the seer's ashes is banned by the Supreme Court.
A Bench consisting of Chief Justice K.G. Balakrishnan and Justices P. Sathasivam and J.M. Panchal recorded the assurance and asked the government to maintain law and order and ensure that no untoward incident took place in the riot-hit district.

There are a few things out of order when you look at the situation.
  • Why should Togadia be prevented from doing a yatra? He is a citizen, not a criminal? Every citizen should be allowed rights to visit places within his country. Chindu which vehemently asked for the return of M.F.Husain shows its double standards here.

  • When the damage to the churches are investigated, why is the root cause of the issue the forced/illegal conversion of tribals being swept under the rug? I'm surprised that Chindu does not pull out the socio-economic circumstances rabbit here.

  • Why does Chindu not comment on the statement of the counsel for the Archbishop that the yatra would have serious consequences stating the Babri Masjid for precedence? If the State government has given an assurance that law and order will be maintained, then for the court to override that is blatant abuse of its powers. If the Supreme court does not believe that the State govt. can maintain law and order should it not advice the Center to impose Article 370 and dismiss the state for reasons of incompetency?

  • Lastly, what really happened to the killers of the Swami? Last I heard they were still at large, what actions are being taken to apprehend them? Why is the Chindu afraid of asking that they be brought to justice? Is it afraid that exposing them would expose the nexus between the Christian missionaries and hired killers? Would it expose the real image of the "peaceful followers of Christ"?


Anonymous said...

Here is something for Chief and secular fellow travellers, to mull over:

China bans mass prayers during Ramadan in restive province


Friday, September 05, 2008 at 02:02:29

Beijing, September 5: Authorities in China's Muslim-populated far northwest province of Xinjiang are seeking to prevent mass prayers and the distribution of religious material as part of a security crackdown for Ramadan, government notices said.

A series of attacks on police in the province around last month's Beijing Olympic Games left more than 20 officers and security guards dead, and at least as many attackers killed or arrested, in the biggest unrest there in years.

As the Muslim fasting month of Ramadan began, local governments this week issued orders to clamp down on security in the region and stop its ethnic Muslim Uighur population from using the holy month to foment further unrest.

"Faced with recent violent and disruptive activities by religious extremists, separatists and terrorists, we must... step up ideological education of religious leaders and followers," a notice posted on Xinjiang's Zhaosu county website said.

The county government prohibited government officials, Communist Party members, teachers and students from observing Ramadan, while warning that "any person caught forcing another to observe Ramadan" would be punished.

"We must timely warn and stop religious believers from organising and planning large scale prayer groups and prevent any large crowd incidents that could harm social stability," said a notice on the Xinhe county website.

I could not find this story in Chindu. I looked in the "International" section of the net edition. May be that was not the right place to search.

Dirt Digger said...

thanks for your note. That is an interesting incident which Chindu would sweep under the rug. The issue of double standards towards Indian governments and Chinese governments against the same problem islamo-fascist terrorism shown by most media shows their prejudices.
After all LiC wants to show the world how China has treated Tibetians and other minorities in a fair sick-ular fashion.