Wednesday, September 17, 2008

TADA/POTA rises from the ashes

After a lot of pleading from the public, sane media (Chindu excluded) and some politicians, the UPA Government decided to approve "comprehensive" anti-terrorism measures.
The Captain Obvious MM Singh announced the obvious,
that the existing anti-terror law is to be strengthened while admitting that there were "vast gaps" in intelligence.
Are you sure Mr.PM? What really enlightened you? Was it the bodies of the innocent or perhaps the destruction of public property or perhaps the reckless abandon with which the Islamic fascists were targeting the public?

In a side news Super-Patriot and Defender of Minorities Lalu Yadav who demanded the meeting suddenly disappeared without notice.


Anonymous said...

LiC understands Marxism; but does he understand national security?

Check this lengthy editorial titled 'Throw POTA out
' and dated Tuesday, Oct 28, 2003

Anonymous said...

Here is some interesting information regarding the currently notorious terrorist and apparent links to the secular media brigade:
Hindustan Times

Thu,18 Sep 2008

Senior Intelligence Bureau officers involved in the task of analysing the IM's Saturday e-mail have stumbled upon a surprising fact: Qureshi, the suspected author of the e-mail, had used paragraphs that were plagiarised — at times word-by-word — from an article published a over a week ago on a popular website,, which reviews media across the subcontinent.

It has led the IB to suspect that "Qureshi might have 'friends/contacts' in the media who have been helping him to compose his terror rhetoric as contained in the e-mails since the website is usually only accessed by media professionals and not the laymen. Such a man could have told him about this website's article for use," said an IB officer.

Several state anti-terror agencies, on cue from the IB, are currently involved in attempting to zero in on the suspected "media contacts" of Qureshi, if any. They already have a few suspects in the scanner, including a man working in the electronic media.

Investigators also suspect that Qureshi might be taking help from others to compose e-mails that have increasingly been using impeccable English — with few or no grammatical, punctuation errors.

The 'plagiarised' article had appeared titled 'Bombs defused in newsrooms' on September 5 on the website.

HT tried to speak to Sevanti Ninan, who runs the website, but she was not in the city and her cellphone was not reachable.


And Chindu's connection to this "story" is that Sevanti Ninan writes a weekly media column in the Sunday magazine section of Chindu.

Perhaps HT is not able to reach Sevanti Ninan, they can check with the Chief of the Chindu who should be able to help with the details required.

Shankar said...

Friday's shootings, interestingly, again sparked off violence in Azamgarh, where local Samajwadi Party activists claimed the men shot in New Delhi were innocent. Ahmad's father, Sadab Ahmad, is vice-president of the local unit of the Samajwadi Party. Qasmi's arrest -- which took place after the Gujarat police obtained a judicial warrant, forcing the hand of their Uttar Pradesh counterparts -- had had provoked protests in and around Sarai Mir, also spearheaded by local politicians of the Samajwadi Party.

Anonymous said...

When Khare writes, the only point of interest is how early in his piece will he start blaming Modi and Advani. Silly guy, he is so predictable.